Renault Austral will receive unusual headlights

Renault Austral will receive unusual headlights


Renault chief designer Gilles Vidal shared information on how the new Austral crossover was created. According to him, the models tried to give a modern and sophisticated look to the premium segment car. For example, Austral received unusual optics: the headlight housing is made of organic glass, on the surface of which patterns are applied. When the LED lights are turned on, the engraved lines begin to shimmer, forming a “live” pattern.

Renaut describes the Austral as “an elegant and technologically advanced C-Class crossover” that embraces the French brand’s new signature style while retaining the signature features of the current model line.

“Austral uses bright design elements that create a dynamic and elegant look,” Vidal explained. “We reduced the gaps between the body panels and improved the fit of the parts, which immediately gives a new perception.”

A feature of the exterior of the novelty is a sharp protrusion along the lower part of the body, which is pointed at the front and, according to the designer, emphasizes the “dynamic silhouette”. As for the mentioned optics, it consists of C-shaped blocks of lights that converge to the brand logo.

It was previously reported that Austral will replace the Kadjar model in the current European line of the brand. The crossover was based on a new version of the CMF architecture with the designation CD3, and the range of engines, according to preliminary data, will include a 1.3 petrol turbo engine, which will also be offered with an electric superstructure in the form of a 12-volt starter-generator. An alternative would be a supercharged 1.2 TCe unit operating according to the “moderate” hybrid scheme, that is, equipped with the usual 48-volt starter-generator.

A full-fledged hybrid is also expected and, probably, an all-electric modification with a battery with a capacity of 87 kilowatt-hours, a single charge of which will last for 500 kilometers. But Austral will not have diesel versions.

Earlier, the company explained the name chosen for the new crossover: Austral comes from the Latin word australis, or “southern”. A new name for the model was needed to avoid associations with Kadjar, which did not meet the expectations of Renault and did not gain popularity among brand customers.

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