Renault boasted of two new electric cars

Renault boasted of two new electric cars


The company Renault has published a teaser of the two new electric cars. The first is in the status of a concept car, and the second is a series-ready hatchback Dacia Spring, which claims to be the most affordable electric car on the European market. The premiere of both new products will take place on October 15, 2020.

There are few details about the electric show car yet. It is known that it is based on the CMF-EV architecture and will be able to drive about 600 kilometers on a single battery charge. Earlier, Renault partially revealed the design of the concept – the picture showed a curved led strip at an acute angle, a decorative element located below, made in gold, and part of the false radiator grille.

According to the new teaser, another led strip will stretch across the entire width of the car’s front.

The second video shows the Dacia Spring electric car ready for the series. It is a repurposed Renault City K-ZE, which is sold in China and in turn is a copy of the Renault Kwid. In length, the novelty reaches 3.73 meters, and the power reserve for the WLTP cycle is about 200 kilometers.

According to unofficial data, the electric car will be driven by the installation from City K-ZE: a 45-horsepower electric motor, which is powered by a battery with a capacity of 26.8 kilowatt-hours. Sales are scheduled to start in 2021. It is expected that the Dacia Spring will become the cheapest electric car in Europe.

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