Renault Captur failed to impress Indians

Renault Captur failed to impress Indians


Compact crossover showed lower sales in India, prompting the automaker to make a difficult decision.

CD-cross Renault Captur showed at the Indian car market failed sales: total 6 600 cars a year. The same Lamborghini Urus at the end of 2019-om bought up much more readily about 8 200 copies sold. These statistics are not the best way affect the fate of the model: Renault has decided to discontinue sales of the crossover in India.


Why Indian motorists so cold took the Renault Captur is a mystery. The segment of crossovers and SUVs are very popular. For the same KIA Seltos going to queue.

Meanwhile, a new crossover Haval was first shown on “live” photo. The novelty still has no name – yet it is known under the factory index B06.

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