Renault Captur second generation: fresh details

Renault Captur second generation: fresh details

According to the French portal L Argus, the novelty will be constructed on a new modular platform CMF-B, which will also form the basis for related Nissan Juke crossover and compact hatchback Clio, whose debut should take place at the motor show in Paris this year.

The body of the crossover, according to our colleagues, slightly increased in size, also slightly lengthened its wheelbase, but accurate data on this issue yet.

Also, major changes will occur in the range of power settings. The three-cylinder engine capacity of 0.9 liters will be replaced with the new liter engine HR10 100 horsepower, also, the crossover will get four-cylinder engine HR13 140 and 160 forces, depending on the modification. By the way, the second motor was developed in close cooperation with Daimler, and has a proprietary coating on the cylinder walls is the same as the Nissan GT-R, which reduces friction and improves heat removal from the pistons.

Diesel scandals spared the concern Renaul-Nissan, and the company is not going to abandon this type of engine. This means that the Captur will keep under the hood the engine capacity of 1.5 liter returns 85-115 forces depending on the version. Also based on this engine will be a version with a “mild hybrid”, equipped with starter-generator.

Renault Captur second generation: fresh detailstest Renault Captur in camouflage already released on the road.