Renault Captur was the best-selling SUV in Europe

Renault Captur was the best-selling SUV in Europe

Compact French crossover Renault Captur at the end of last month and entered TOP-3 European bestseller, taking the leading position in the SUV segment.

The press service of the automaker said that the model remains popular, despite any by the end of the life cycle, and output new generation Captur aims to strengthen the position of this crossover.

According to analysts JATO Dynamics, the best-selling model in Europe last month left the legendary German hatchback Volkswagen Golf, which chose 37 569 Europeans (-13,9%). Second place went to Renault Clio, whose sales accounted for 35 972 instance (-9,9%). Closes the three leaders of the Renault Captur crossover in June, European dealers have managed to implement a 5.2% more cars than a year earlier – 28 of 186 units.

The top five also included the Volkswagen Polo (24 005 units;-32,1%) and Dacia Sandero (23 of 150 copies;+4.5 percent). Further, the rating is as follows: Dacia Duster (21663 units, +10,8%), Opel/Vauxhall Corsa (20932 PCs -6,8%), Ford Fiesta (20922 piece is 18.5%), Peugeot 208 (20907 pieces, to 4.3%) and Volkswagen Tiguan (20603 piece -17,5%).

What do you think was the secret of the success of the Renault Captur?

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