Renault Clio EV showed on render images

Renault Clio EV showed on render images


The French company keeps up with its competitors and confidently electrifies its products. The brand’s lineup includes three battery-powered superminis, the R5 and Zoe, as well as the Clio with an ICE engine with over 30 years of history and loyal fans. Independent designers decided to represent the future of the model by releasing rendered images of the car, which depict the sixth generation of the car as a BEV.

The new project was created under the auspices of the Renault Design Center in France at the Strate Design School, and its participants were design students Titoine Lemarchand and Guillaume Matherol and Cesar Barrot. The rendering process was stopped by the senior exterior designer at Renault, Marco Brunoni.

The released images show a concept car with unique proportions, large wheels, a huge glass area and a number of very aggressive details. The students took as a basis for the project the idea of ​​combining a transparent middle structure between the front and rear body panels, which symbolizes dual electric motors, each located on the same axle.

The electric car received a short hood, a strongly tilted windshield, glass doors, LED optics in the style of the 2020 Renault Megane eVision concept at the front and taillights similar to the R5 Turbo, as well as a huge diffuser and a double rear spoiler.

The electric car has seats for four passengers, and the seats themselves have a futuristic design. The dashboard is made of wood, and the floating center console recalls Renault’s design language, which has virtually no physical buttons.

The aim of this project was to present a new four-seater vehicle on the future Renault electric platform. The result was quite impressive for a team of design students who were able to demonstrate the potential of electric mobility in terms of shape. Of course, it is unlikely that the sixth generation of Clio will take on such forms, but it is possible that in the future some elements of this design will be implemented.

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