Renault creates a new brand

Renault creates a new brand


Renault has come up with a new E-TECH brand for its future electric and hybrid models.

Under the E-TECH brand we intend to produce all cars with electric units. This name will appear in 3 variants, which will depend on the level of electrification.

In particular, together with foreign cars Clio E-TECH Hybrid and Captur E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid, ZOE E-TECH Electric and Twingo E-TECH Electric were added to the range of models. In connection with these names, the E-TECH logo has also changed. The letter “E” visually correlates with the recognizable brand diamond and immediately associates with Renault cars. It was added back in 2020 and shown on a prototype M? Gane eVision. The “E” is also present on the engine cover of the A521 sports car from Formula 1.

The French concern has released an innovative modular platform of its own development E-TECH Hybrid and E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid. It took 10 years of experience working on green cars to create it in order to offer motorists comfortable electric vehicles.

The innovative hybrid architecture of the brand is made by a gear-type transmission without clutch and synchronizers. It is no coincidence that such a transmission was developed. Since 2014, Formula 1 regulations have required the use of new V6 hybrid installations. Renault F1 specialists have come up with the necessary unit for the team. He went to the base of hybrid cars for the city, tk. their gearbox shifts much smoother due to the appearance of another electric motor.

Recall that this year the concern is preparing to release 6 versions of its own hybrid system on foreign cars Megane, Captur, Clio, Arkana and Megane Estate.

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