Renault crossovers will receive new names

Renault crossovers will receive new names


According to the French edition L’argus, the names of Renault Kadjar and Renault Koleos crossovers will go down in history.

The compact SUV Renault Captur proved to be very successful in the European market, but this cannot be said about the larger crossovers of the French company. For example, Renault Kadjar is sold two times worse than its sister Nissan Qashqai or even Peugeot 3008: in 2020, 64, 136 and 125 thousand cars were sold in the European market, respectively. And the large model Renault Koleos completely failed here: 6,916 copies for the entire last year, and even before the pandemic, sales of second-generation cars did not rise above 19 copies per year. At the same time, the Renault brand does not plan to leave these segments and is already developing cars of new generations.

According to L’argus, in order to avoid associations with past failures, the names Kadjar and Koleos will be sent to history. New names have not yet been announced, but they have most likely already been invented. After all, the heir to Kadjar, which has been assigned the factory index HHN, will appear in the summer of next year. The relationship with the Nissan Qashqai model will remain, but it will not be so obvious: according to preliminary data, the new Renault crossover will have an original body.

Next, in the spring of 2023, the successor of Koleos will appear. The crossover under the working index DHN will have a 3-row cabin and will also replace the current Renault Espace minivan, which will not have a direct successor. Such a crossover will become the flagship of the brand in Europe. And in 2024, the third model in this family will be released – a coupe-like crossover with an RHN working index, which has no analogue in today’s range. Most likely, an interesting name will also be invented for it.

Renault will also have one more crossover, but this time an electric one. It has the factory code HCB and is expected in the fall of 2023. According to preliminary data, such a crossover will be called Renault Scenic E-Tech, because the current Scenic will remain without a direct heir. The historical relationship with the Megane model will also remain: the new crossover will be unified with the recently debuted Renault Megane E-Tech hatchback.

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