Renault electric cars turned out to be dangerous

Renault electric cars turned out to be dangerous


French carmaker Renault was shocked by the safety assessment results for its popular electric model Zoe, as Euro NCAP gave it zero points in tests.

The automaker, which is cutting costs and working to improve its performance after surging through years of ambitious global expansion, also earned one star for its cheaper electric Dacia Spring model.

“Renault was once synonymous with safety,” Euro NCAP General Secretary Michael van Ratingen said in a statement. “But these disappointing results from ZOE and Dacia Spring show that safety was a side effect of the group’s move to electric vehicles.

Renault said the Zoe is a safe vehicle that meets all regulatory safety standards.

“These standards are constantly evolving and becoming more stringent in all areas, especially with regard to security,” added the company. “That is why Renault is constantly improving its offer to comply with the rules.

Euro NCAP ratings are optional as they do not certify vehicles for use on public roads. But European consumers are paying attention to the Euro NCAP tests. This is only the third time Euro NCAP has assigned a zero rating to a car, and if it hurts Zoe’s sales, it could force Renault to do a quick upgrade or speed up the launch of the next version of the car.

Euro NCAP said the latest Zoe had a seat-mounted side airbag that was inferior to earlier versions. Euro NCAP notes that the Renault Laguna was the first car to receive a five-star rating in 2001.

Eleven vehicles received ratings in the final round of Euro NCAP testing for 2021, which did not include Tesla models. A number of other vehicles have received five stars, including BMW with its electric Ix, Daimler with its electric Mercedes-Benz EQS, Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Caddy.

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