Renault factory workers take top managers hostage and go on strike

Renault factory workers take top managers hostage and go on strike


Renault announces that a group of employees at its Fonderie de Bretagne plant in the French region of Brittany currently retain seven top managers. Le Figaro, in turn, clarifies that the workers are on strike against the sale of the enterprise, and from April 27, they block the operation of the enterprise. About a hundred people took part in the strike.

Renault Group condemned such actions and called on employees to lift the blockade. “A buyer is currently being sought to support the facility and provide jobs,” the automaker said in a statement. “This process should take place in a calm atmosphere.”

The strikers, for their part, demand an open dialogue from the company’s management – this is the main condition for the release of the hostages. “We have not been working since 10 am on April 27, because nothing is happening, no one is taking any steps and our future is plunging into darkness,” one of the employees of the company quotes Le Figaro. The newspaper cites other data on the number of hostages: allegedly there are five of them.

Fonderie de Bretagne manufactures suspension arms, exhaust manifolds, differentials and other components for Renault Group vehicles.

Earlier it became known that Renault intends to revise the work schedule of European plants, reducing the working week to one to three days. The reason for this was the shortage of microchips, which was massively faced by automakers around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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