Renault has implemented a battery certificate for the simplified sale of used electric vehicles

Renault has implemented a battery certificate for the simplified sale of used electric vehicles


The Mobilize brand (part of the Renault Group) has announced a “battery certificate” application that allows owners of Renault and Dacia electric vehicles to receive information about the remaining traction battery capacity on their smartphones or on the Internet.

A certificate has several advantages at once:

  • Increase in the residual value and selling price of used electric vehicles
  • Fast sale of used electric vehicles to new customers who receive guaranteed information on the remaining battery capacity

The app is available through MY Renault for individuals and Easy Connect for companies, and users of the Dacia Spring hatchback can use it through MY Dacia. The data used to prepare the certificate is collected through the Battery Management System (BMS) or calculated using information on driving and charging times. This gives an accurate picture of the battery health (SOH), that is, the percentage of its current capacity to its initial capacity. For example, if the SOH of a 40 kWh battery is 94%, then its residual capacity will be 37.6 kWh.

A battery certificate is available for Renault ZOE E-TECH Electric, Renault Kangoo E-TECH Electric (33 kWh) and Twingo E-TECH Electric. Going forward, the service will be available on future Renault electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as Dacia’s range of electric vehicles.

Mobilize was created in 2018. The Renault Group is dedicated to mobility, energy and data services, and is helping drive the transition to sustainable energy solutions as part of the group’s strategy to achieve carbon neutrality.

At the IAA Mobility 2021 Auto Show in Munich, which is taking place these days, Mobilize unveiled an electric C-class sedan called the Limo. The peculiarity of this electric vehicle with a range of up to 450 km is that it cannot be bought at a dealership. Instead, the car is going to be provided for long- and short-term lease, including car sharing.

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