Renault has introduced a new cheap crossover based on Arkana

Renault has introduced a new cheap crossover based on Arkana


Renault has introduced a new budget crossover. It is “built” on the basis of cross-compartment Arkana, and carries the Samsung logo.

To some extent novelty is perelitsovki version kupeobrazny crossover C-class, Renault Arkana, which is produced (from 2019) and sold only in our country. At the time of presentation, the company Renault has promised that the new product will travel outside of then Federation, and this is the first such country was South Korea. Here the car will be produced by local company Renault Samsung (this is the automotive division of Samsung, which the French possess in 2010).

New Renault SUV is called Samsung XM3, and it has a number of design differences from Renault Arkana, despite the large resemblance. The most important of them is the platform: for example, if the lasso shares a chassis with the Duster first generation (the upgraded version of the trolley B0), the XM3 is built on the same platform as the Clio hatchback and the Captur crossover architecture (CMF-B). In addition, Samsung still larger: its length is 4570 mm (Arcana 4545 mm), though wheelbase is almost the same – 2720 mm (vs 2721 mm). Is different and clearance: on account of “Korean” – 186 mm, while the “s” – 205/208 mm (drive forward/full). The boot capacity is also different: 513 l vs 409/508 l, respectively.


Inside Samsung XM3 is also close to Captur: he’s got a digital instrument panel and a vertically oriented touchscreen infotainment complex, the sides of which are air vents. Besides, there are led strip lights on the front panel.

Engines for Samsung XM3 – 1.3-liter supercharged “four” Renault-Daimler and aspirated displacement 1.6. The first motor put a 7-speed “robot” with two clutches, and the second – speed drive. Drive – only the front.

Orders for the new crossover have already been taken, in terms of rate with the local currency price of the Samsung XM3 is of $ 14,900. For comparison, the price of Renault Arkana – from a 15.3. thousand dollars.


The next market for Renault Arkana will be China, where its production will be established in the joint venture of Dongfeng and Renault.

Who, in your opinion, looks better?

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