Renault has introduced a new generation Duster

Renault has introduced a new generation Duster


New Renault Duster appeared on one of the largest markets in the world. Cheap crossover received a special modification for severe off-road.

New model Renault Duster prepared for South America. From global submissions including on the Ukrainian market, this car is markedly different. This applies in particular to off-road option.


New Renault Duster for “dirty” trips primarily stands out due to the modified design. The modified front bumper got a special block with additional lighting. Thanks to this novelty is easily distinguished from the standard model.

In addition, the body profusely decorated unpainted dark plastic – even the wheel arches have received the appropriate items. Also, the new Renault Duster boasts of increased to 237 mm ground clearance (210 mm against the standard model).

The Engines Are Renault Duster 2020:

  • the naturally aspirated 1.6 l (petrol, 118 HP)
  • the naturally aspirated 1.6 l (ethanol, 120 HP)
  • turbocharged 1.3 l (petrol, 150 HP)

The last motor will be available a little later. With him, probably, the new Renault Duster in South America will be offered with four-wheel drive transmission. But first time buyers will be available a crossover with a 1.6-litre engine and only front-wheel drive. Such a strange modification for off-road.


The Renault Duster has undergone some changes. In particular, there is a larger screen infotainment system. Now the front panel is exactly the same as Renaut Arkana, who is preparing to enter the global market. At the moment, this stylish crossover is presented in some developing countries, but with the emergence in Europe can get another shop from the new Renault Captur 2020.

For Renault Duster 2020 in the base will ask around 390 thousand in recalculation on the hryvnia. For comparison, buy Renault Duster in Ukraine from 350 thousand, excluding bonus offers.

Ukrainian Renault Duster looks a little different

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