Renault has returned to the idea of a quick change of batteries

Renault has returned to the idea of a quick change of batteries


This technology not only saves time on recharging, but also significantly reduces the cost of buying an electric car.

More than ten years ago, Renault was one of the pioneers in offering fast battery change technology for its then models. It was about electric versions of the Kangoo van and the Fluence sedan.

So, by 2013, the French abandoned the idea. And now we are ready to return to it, writes Automotive News with reference to the head of the concern Luca de Meo. According to him, such technology is important not only in order to quickly change the battery pack at roadside stations instead of charging them for a long time, but also in order to facilitate their replacement after failure to recycle batteries, for example, as home energy storage devices. .

Interestingly, initially, the main advantage of quick battery change was not even thought that it saves time on charging, but that it makes electric cars more affordable.

Let’s say Renault Fluence Z.E. was offered in Europe at the price of a gasoline car, but the battery was not included in the price, but was leased out at a price of about 100 euros per month, which, according to the company’s representatives, was comparable to the difference in price between the cost of gasoline and electricity. At the same time, the buyer of an electric car did not have to worry about the degradation of the battery pack and its disposal, since at quick-change stations he could replace it with a serviceable one without additional investments.

The Chinese company Nio, which is entering the European market this year and intends to open the first roadside station in Norway, may have spurred Renault on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreplaceable batteries.

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