Renault has started to test a hybrid model Megane

Renault has started to test a hybrid model Megane

Last autumn Renault announce plans to release hybrid versions of the Captur, Clio and Megane, and now photospin managed to shoot on tests a prototype of a rechargeable hybrid Megane.

Rechargeable hybrid based on the Megane 2020 has a familiar design but features a new charging port on the left rear wing and on one of the test cars were spotted, flared rear arches, which may indicate a wider rear track.

In addition, the updated Megane will get a new bumper, grille and redesigned optics. In the salon you can expect a new digital instrument panel and new infotainment system.

Renault has previously confirmed that it is developing its own hybrid power plant e-Tech, and although the company has not disclosed details, it is likely that it will consist of a turbo engine, which will add a bunch of electric motor and small lithium-ion battery, giving you the opportunity to pass on a pure electric range of up to 50 kilometers.

As for the world debut, the Megane must be presented at the next motor show in Frankfurt in September as the model 2020, but it is unclear whether simultaneously with the normal version presented and a hybrid variant.