Renault is preparing a new subcompact crossover

Renault is preparing a new subcompact crossover

Almost all of the major manufacturers currently have in their lineup for 3 of the crossover and SUV, as agreed to attend and also to Renault.

The segment continues to grow, and some automakers are already working on expanding the range of their SUV, and Ford is a good example with the new Puma. It seems that Renault will follow the example of the Americans and released a second subcompact crossover, which was seen by fotosporno on tests.

In the pictures you can see a tortured version of the Clio of the previous generation, which is used as a test mule for a brand new vehicle. The hatchback is much elevated than the original model, and we assume that it can offer all-wheel drive as an option. Another small crossover Renault Captur, is sold exclusively as a model with front-wheel drive, so it would be advisable to add a car with a AWD system for more adventurous clients.

At the moment nothing more to say as this is probably the early stages of development for as-yet-unnamed model. However, we know that the novelty will share some elements with the new Clio and the new Captur is the second generation, which means that it will be created on the platform CMF-B.

The architecture allows the use of hybrid and all-electric powerplants. As far as we can tell, just by looking at the pictures, this prototype is equipped with a small gasoline engine with a turbocharger.

It is expected that the novelty will present immediately after the release of the new Captur. The latter is already at an advanced stage of development and is being tested in a serial body. We know that he will get plug-in hybrid version, providing a 50 km run solely on electric.