Renault knows “vidmazku” shchob to flood in Russia

Renault knows “vidmazku” shchob to flood in Russia


French maker Renault is one of the poorest light auto giants, which do not have their own business in our country, the best way to produce, through fighting in Ukraine. As reminded by Automotive News Europe, it is due to this that the French will be afraid of the possible “nationalization” of their main asset in the country – AvtoVAZ.

Vidomo, scho Renault volodі є avtovirobnik Lada through the joint venture of the corporation Rostec. Її leader є Sergiy Chemezov, who is on the list of errors, yakі recognized the severe sanctions of the US government.

The French may be 2/3 of the company, and a good eye can cost too much. It’s hard to believe that Renault’s decisions will be lost from and supported by the French order, which, in its own right, is a great shareholder of the automaker.

Because of the tribute of the European Business Association, the fierce fate of Lada cars accounted for maybe 20% of then market, which is why the entire Franco-Japanese alliance already has 35% of sales. AvtoVAZ itself plays an important role in the global strategy of Renolution, aimed at expanding the business of the Renault group, which has close to 40,000 people in Bulgaria.

In the present hour, the concern has started working both at its own plant in Moscow, and at the plants in Togliatti and Izhevsk, but not through sanctions against, but through the marriage of components. However, AvtoVAZ is ready to continue the work even without Renault support, releasing only two models – Niva Legends and Niva Travel, and alln accessories for them. The other needs are from the parent company Renault.

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