Renault made a car with sliding body

Renault made a car with sliding body


The company Renault presented a concept Morphoz, which is described as “a vision of personal and joint of electric mobility of the future.” The show car is built in “smart” power grid and has a sliding body – it is physically transformirovalsya when switching driving modes.

The concept Morphoz built on a new electric “trolley” CMF-EV, which, according to the manufacturer, will form the basis of a family of battery cars Renault next generation. Platform variable: there are several traction batteries, various configurations of the power plant and the layout of the cabin. For example, the show car is equipped with one electric motor (136 or 218 HP) and the battery 40 or 90 kilowatt-hours, supporting static (Parking) and dynamic (from the special roadway while driving) wireless charging.

One of the features of “Morbosa” – the ability to become part of the electric ecosystem. This is not a new concept and implies a two-way connection with the network and the secondary use of batteries: while machine nobody uses it supplies the house with electricity; removable batteries can be stored on the charging station, where they will take advantage of owners of other electric cars or the smart grid will power them from street lighting.

According to Renault, capacious batteries are better to just share and not to issue a separate battery pack for each car, thus reduced negative impact on the environment.


Renault is considering Morphoz as an example of the adaptability of the machines of the future, so the concept is endowed with the ability to physically change its size depending on the chosen motion profile. The wheelbase of the electric car varies from 2,73 meter in city mode to 2.93 meters in the mode of Travel. Transformation takes place at special charging stations, where cars in just a few seconds change the battery more capacious. And adjusts not only the size but also the form of body panels, and even lighting.

When switching from one mode to another changes the width of the front wing becomes longer hood and rear. The profile is more streamlined, reducing the drag coefficient and increases the range.

The interior of the show car also adapts to the nature of the movement. For example, the front passenger may deploy the seat against the course to communicate with people on the second row, and in the “travel” of the rear seat automatically moves aft to increase legroom.

On-Board system with artificial intelligence to recognize the owner of the car before he approached her, notifying with a special light sequence. The key is the smartphone, which means the electric car can be shared with family members or friends.


AI assistant that understands natural speech, gestures and continuous monitors vehicle position in space, notifying about the dangerous objects in dead zones. Navigation automatically transfers the route data to the smartphone, and in the mode of Travel shows recommended to visit the place. Autopilot the third level allows for some time to outsource the management of electronics.

Serial prospects of the concept Morphoz, of course not. However, the experience gained during its creation, the company can use to develop a mass market electric vehicle.

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