Renault now as Volvo

Renault now as Volvo


Starting in 2022, the top speed of Renault and Dacia vehicles will be limited to 180 km / h.

Renault CEO Luca de Meo announced that the speed of new Renault and Dacia cars will be limited to 180 km / h. The company believes that high speed is responsible for more than a third of fatal accidents.

Luca de Meo stated: “We will limit it depending on the specific model. In any case, it will not exceed 180 km / h. ” The top speed of the new Megane, which will begin serial production in 2022, will be 160 km / h. You can see that Renault is following the path of Volvo Cars, which in 2020 limited the maximum speed of its models to 180 km / h.

In addition, Luca de Meo said that the cars of the brand will be equipped with electronic devices Safety coach, which will limit the speed in accordance with road signs and geolocation data.

Specialists of the French brand want to endow the cars with the ability to transmit a conditional code with technical data to rescuers in the event of an accident. Electric cars will have special access to batteries, which will allow them to be quickly flooded with water in case of fire.

The top speed limitation will not affect the sports models of the Alpine subsidiary. It is also unclear whether it will only affect the EU market or will extend to everything where Renault operates.

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