Renault presented the “sports” package Sandero GT Line

Renault presented the “sports” package Sandero GT Line


Renault displays on the Argentine market “light” sports version of the budget hatchback. From the standard model this version differs in design.

To South America redesigned sedan Renault Logan and “pyatidverka” Sandero got only last year, and there the machines own program of restyling. The main differences – different design aft of the hatch and the plastic kit standard the “public sector” with a CVT (including Logan), and not only “off-road” ambition.

And on the South American market is “charged” Sandero RS with a 150-strong “aspirated” 2.0 and retuned suspension, it also updated last year. The first “hot” restyled version got Brazil, because in this country, and established the manufacture of low-cost Renault models for the region. And only now Sandero RS is coming to the market of Argentina. But not alone: he was more than the simple version “under sports” – GT Line. Note, this modification had pre-reform “piatigorski”, it is sold, including in Brazil. But now that the Argentine exclusive, at least not yet.


The basis for Sandero GT Line took the hatchback in the middle of picking Zen. Front “heated” Sandero repeats a common model, but the thresholds are there pads in the rear bumper silver diffuser in the same color and painted the housings of the exterior mirrors. The spoiler on the boot door has increased, the lights dimmed, the stern stuck the label GT Line, plus the hatchback has dispatched 16-inch alloy wheels new design.

In the lounge – blue decor, and the “leather” steering wheel (normal version Sandero in Zen this “bagel” is not put). Also in the list of equipment includes four airbags and multimedia system with touch screen.

Sandero GT Line is equipped with a standard petrol Quartet 1.6 capacity of 115 HP (156 Nm). Unlike the Sandero RS suspension Junior sports version much steel. But the GT Line is now available not only with a five-speed “mechanics” and the variator (RS is only offered with 6МКП). In cars with the CVT also feature ESP, traction control system and the system of care when lifting.

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Price Renault Sandero GT Line m / t – 995 100 pesos , equivalent to about 15 $ 700 at the current exchange rate. Hatchback with a CVT will cost 1 053 500 pesos (about 16 600 dollars). For comparison, the standard price is updated Sandero – 888 pesos 900 (of $ 14,000), well, Sandero RS with a two-litre engine, worth 1 150 000 pesos (18 $ 100). It is possible that later version of the GT Line will appear in other countries in South America.

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