Renault showed a 5-star hotel on wheels

Renault showed a 5-star hotel on wheels


Renault has released a series of teaser images of the new car, which represents a completely revised take on the RV segment. The car is named Hippie Caviar Hotel and is a 5-star hotel that can travel any distance like a regular car.

The model is based on the Trafic minivan. So far, the car is presented exclusively in the form of images, but in the near future it will be implemented at least in the form of a concept car.

Renault is in no hurry to go into the details of this project, but notes that the five-star mobile home has outstanding opportunities in terms of interior transformation. So, if desired, the coffee table in the Hippie Caviar Hotel can be turned into a staircase, and the bench into a bed that can be put anywhere.

But, perhaps, the main feature of the car is the so-called “logistics container”. We are talking about a fully equipped bathroom and charged batteries, which, according to the authors of the project, will be delivered by a drone anywhere on the map.

The premiere of Renault’s first hotel on wheels, the Hippie Caviar Hotel, is scheduled for late August, when the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf opens its doors to the public and journalists.

Whether such a car will appear in serial production is anyone’s guess.

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