Renault showed a new crossover Austral

Renault showed a new crossover Austral


The French automaker has published a couple of teasers showing a prototype of the new Renault Austral crossover. The teasers indicate that the new 2022 model year has received its final body shape.

Renault is finalizing work on a model that will replace the Kadjar in the brand’s crossover lineup. The Austral model is due to be ready for market launch later in the first half of this year and is currently in its test cycle. “This is the final preview of our new crossover before shipping it to customers,” the release says.

Renault aims to test a fleet of about 100 vehicles that will travel some 2 million kilometers around France, Spain, Germany, and Romania.

The French automaker says it will employ 900 drivers who will cover some 600,000 kilometers of open roads. The remaining 1.4 million km will be covered by the highway.

Added to the new teaser images of Austral, the information that the Kadjar receiver will not be available with diesel engines. Renault says the model will launch with a range of gasoline-hybrid engines that will include completely new options.

An improved 1.3-liter 12-volt mild hybrid and an all-new 1.2-liter TCe with 48 volt mild hybrid technology are likely to be high hopes for the company. However, it is assumed that an all-electric version of the crossover is under development.

Without going into details, Renault explains that the new engines will offer lower CO2 emissions and a maximum power output of up to 200 horsepower. However, there are currently no other details regarding engines and transmissions.

At 4.51 meters long, the new Austral will be slightly longer than the model it replaces, as you can see from these new teaser photos. The new crossover also looks a bit wider, although we don’t yet know its final exterior dimensions.

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