Renault sold a record number of electric vehicles in 2019

Renault sold a record number of electric vehicles in 2019


The dealers of the French brand around the world have passed into the hands of customers more than 62 thousand electric cars – more than ever.

Currently, it is difficult to challenge the leadership of Tesla in the market of environmentally friendly cars. However, other automakers are not going to give up without a fight. So, in 2019-th Renault brand sold worldwide 62 447 EVS, showing the best result for themselves. For comparison, in 2018 dealers of the French company managed to attach 49 300 such machines, and in the 2017th – 36 300, writes foreign the portal Carscoops.

The biggest sales boasts an electric car the Renault ZOE (48 of 269 deals in 2019-th year). This electric hatchback that entered the market in 2012, is considered one of the most popular electric vehicles in Europe.

The second electric car from Renault – electric “heel” Kangoo Z. E. (10 349 copies sold).The third with result 2 658 units becomes a budget electric car Renault City K-ZE, which mark suggested motorists of China.


Complete the list of the most popular electric cars Renault electric Master van Z. E (296 buyers) and electrostan SM3 Z. E Renault Samsung Motors (875 auto). In the calculations, the experts did not take into account sales of Renault Twizy, because in some markets, this double sitikar attributed to ATVs.

The growth of sales Executive Vice President, Groupe Renault, sales and regions Olivier Murg tied to the success of new models in key markets group – Europe,, and India. In 2020 to strengthen its influence in the niche of electric cars Marche will help electric and hybrid news. Among them – New Twingo and Zoe Z. E.

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