Renault: the results of 6 months and limited version

Renault: the results of 6 months and limited version

Six months after our last meeting, Renault Ukraine decides again to gather all the representatives of the local automotive media to once again show off to them their successes… However, the reason for this they do have!

Despite the fact that the global market for new cars (excluding USA and Canada) for the first six months declined by 7%, while global sales of Renault decreased by 6.7% Ukrainian branch of a French company shows growth.


So, for the first two quarters, Renault is able to implement 6,6 thousand of its cars (from a total of 42.6 thousand), which is as much as 35% more in comparison with the same period last year. The company Renault, already the 5th year in a row, manages to occupy a leading position on the market, with a share of 15.5%.

In order to maintain this positive trend, the company has produced several limited edition versions. And because 51% of the market is SUVs, limit decided the three most popular crossover brand: Sandero Stepway (well, not really a crossover), Duster and the most expensive.

The first two received performance TECHROAD – which aims to attract young people.

These cars will differ in a Matt black counters, gloss black mirrors with red lines, 17-inch wheels with a red cap in the center, signature logo and two unique colors.

In the salon of decorative upholstery and red stitching.

  • Price: Sandero Stepway – from 362.300 UAH (~14.000 $) to 391.400 UAH (~15.000 $);
  • Duster – from 509.200 UAH (~19.600 $) to 585.100 UAH (~22.500 $);
  • The most expensive, as the older model received a more pretentious name Black Edition.

Distinguishing features: glossy black exterior mirror housings and 19-inch wheels, Black Bandana

In the interior, black ceiling, combination seats Alcantara/leather, red stitching, lengthening the driver’s seat cushion, and BOSE sound system.

Will cost be the most expensive in 767.100 UAH (~29.500$).

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