Renault to build two gigafactories in France

Renault to build two gigafactories in France


Renault has found two partners to carry out its plans.

The term Gigafactory, which was coined by Tesla, has already become a household name for businesses dealing with electric vehicle batteries. In March, the Volkswagen brand announced the creation of its own gigafactories, and later the Volvo brand announced a similar plan. Now Renault has announced its future gigafactories: and for this, the French brand has found two partners at once.

The first partner is Shanghai-based Envision AESC, with which Renault will build a gigafactory in Douai. The battery enterprise with a modest production capacity of 9 GWh should start working in 2024, and a workshop for the disposal of old batteries will also start working on its territory. In Douai, the partners will produce relatively simple and affordable batteries for mass models, including the already announced Renault 5 retro hatchback.

Renault has just signed a memorandum of understanding with the second partner, but the plans are much more ambitious. We are talking about a young startup Verkor from Grenoble, with which the Renault brand intends to create and produce expensive batteries for large cars and sports cars Alpine. Small-scale production of batteries for Renault should start already in 2022 at the start-up’s existing facilities. In addition, a separate joint gigafactory with a capacity of 10 GWh annually will be built in parallel. The launch is planned for 2026, and by 2030 the production capacity should increase to 20 GWh.

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