Renault Trafic turned into a camper

Renault Trafic turned into a camper


A small and maneuverable mobile home with all the amenities is the dream of every traveler. There are many offers of compact campers on the market, but they, as a rule, are inferior in terms of equipment to full-fledged motorhomes. However, Acorn seems to have been able to break this pattern.

The Acorn Van Big City is based on the Renault Trafic van, which can be easily used in the city, it is not difficult to park, and at the same time it has good capacity. The development team made good use of the interior space and created a full kitchen with a two-burner stove, a set with a countertop, a sink and a refrigerator.

There is also a dining area with a table and two sofas that can be expanded into one large sleeping place for two people. Two more will comfortably fit under a retractable roof. Thus, you can take a whole group of four people on the road: for everyone there is a seat with a seat belt.

But that’s not all. The main advantage of Acorn Van Big City is the presence of a shower and a full toilet. And even despite the fact that the room is not completely isolated, this is still a huge plus, since such amenities are not always provided in such camper vans. Pure water is supplied from an 82-liter tank, and a separate 65-liter tank is provided for used water.

The starting price of the model is 43,900 euros.

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