Renault will revive the concept car Morphoz and make it “the train”

Renault will revive the concept car Morphoz and make it “the train”


Logical to continue that the best potential on the European market is not a compact “green” crossover Renault and not his “brother” the Nissan, which can be called Qashqai EV, and a relative – future electric Outlander. The Foundation for this was laid by a rechargeable from the mains of a hybrid version of the Japanese crossover Outlander PHEV, which for many years successfully sold in Europe. By the end of 2019 among the entire “green” electric and PHEV – “Japanese” ranked third (34.5 thousand), losing only two “trains” – Tesla Model 3 (95.2 thousand) and Renault Zoe (47,4 thousand). In the beginning of this year due to the coronavirus pandemonium Outlander PHEV dropped to fifth place, but the same American “treshka” has fallen even more. In short, there are all preconditions to the emergence of the family electric compact crossovers, and after some time, the Renault-Nisan-Mitsubishi appears that the family on the platform CMF-EV.

Renault has already stated that it will release two new items: the first will be a relatively inexpensive subcompact crossover Dacia motives Spring – we have already mentioned that this is only a revised version of a cheap little Renault Kwid, which is represented on the Indian market. Presumably, the price may be slightly above the price of the Renault Zoe, which is about 35-37 thousand euros before deduction of the “ecological” bonuses, the size of which the government of each country defines itself. Actually this will be the “main” Renault electric crossover in Europe that will be allowed to sell at the beginning of 2021, and after him, closer to the fall, to the dealers and drive the production version of the Renault motives Morphoz – failed premiere Geneva this year.


Of course, the appearance of new serial compact will make a little calmer, and, of course, such refinement as a changeable wheelbase it also will not be. Moreover, not the fact that, prior to the conveyor will remain “conceptual” name Morphoz, it is better to rely on the names that are familiar to the consumer. By the way, recently, introducing the serial electric version of the Twingo, the French did not split hairs and come up with a separate brand, leaving for the “green” version of the familiar name. Again, not the fact that future electric Nissan Qashqai EV call by name concept Nissan Ariya, which last year formally debuted electric platform CMF-EV – the future basis of all Franco-Japanese family.

Interestingly, in France, where the government sometimes provides the most advantageous terms for the purchase of electric vehicles, sold less than half the Renault Zoe – a little less than a quarter of sales accounted for Germany and the UK, but in Norway, where the share of “green” in the segment of new cars remains the highest in Europe, the Zoe at the end of 2019 are not included even in the top ten, finishing in 11th place with a score of two thousand machines.

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