Renault Zoe “tearing” the German market

Renault Zoe “tearing” the German market


The infrastructure for electric cars is developing quite rapidly. One of the world leaders in this respect is Germany. Leading German automakers are famous for their developments in the field of electrical machines. However, the German market sold electric cars from other countries. Some are very popular. One of these models is the compact French car the Renault Zoe.

For the first six months of 2020, this car was bought 7 066 inhabitants of Germany, exceeding last year’s level of sales from 27%. Thus, this model became the leader among electric vehicles on the German car market. The reserve of this car is 390 kilometers on a single charge. The main advantages of such a car called the compact size, attractive design and modern technology. Lately, Renault takes a serious course on the electrification of their cars.


In the near future will start production of cars Captur Plug-in-Hybrid, Megane Plug-in-Hybrid and Hybrid Clio.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of the Renault ZOE from the team

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