Renault’s hybrid has become even bigger

Renault’s hybrid has become even bigger


Renault has announced the launch of three new hybrids in Europe. We have already talked about two of them. This is a Renault Arkana SUV with an E-Tech system in a non-rechargeable version (E-Tech Hybrid, 140 hp) and a rechargeable Renault Megane E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid hatchback (160 hp, 50 km without starting the internal combustion engine in a combined cycle WLTP). And the third has not flickered anywhere else. This is a simple Renault Captur hybrid. The exact date of the start of sales has not been announced, but the manufacturer has named the first half of the year, which means that it remains the end of May and June.

The new hybrid Captur can be made in several variations, the “luxurious” Initiale Paris is shown here.

The five-door Captur E-Tech Hybrid can be either conventional or R.S. Line (bottom right).

The E-Tech range now includes plug-in Captur, Megane hatchback and station wagon, as well as simple plug-in hybrids Clio, Arkana and Captur.

Last year, the Captur appeared in a 160-horsepower E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid rechargeable from the mains, in which an aspirated 1.6 and a pair of electric motors powered by a traction battery with a capacity of 9.8 kWh worked. Now Europeans will be able to purchase a more affordable option – a hybrid without connecting to the network, with a 1.2 kWh battery. Like the hybrid Arcana, the combined output of the installation here is 140 “horses”. In addition, the company announced the addition of a simple 12-volt micro-hybrid system on Capture and Arcana with 1.3 TCe 140 and 160 motors. And this is an innovation for the brand as a whole.

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