Represented a luxury car with a 9.5-liter V12

Represented a luxury car with a 9.5-liter V12


American tuning Studio Factory Five Racing has revealed details of a new project, part of which will be an atmospheric engine V12 9.5 from Australian Race company Cast Engineering. The mighty unit will be installed in front engine compartment carbon F9R, which will be completed in the first quarter of 2020.

While kit car Factory Five Racing only exists in a rendering, even though the project announced at last November’s SEMA show. It is known that it will be a coupe with bodywork of carbon fiber and aggressive aerodynamic “feathers.” One of the potential engines – V12 Race from 9.5 Cast Engineering, outstanding 765 horsepower and 941 Nm of torque. Beyond that, the supercar can be equipped with off-the-shelf motors and Ford zimovskij LS-units.

Factory Five F9R will be focused on the track, but, apparently, will get the admission on ordinary roads. The authors of the project say they have developed two designs for the front of the body, including one for use in the city. Probably, they differ in the size of the air intake and splitter.


9.5 V12 motor from Race Engineering consists of a Cast-iron block of its own design and components from the engines LS series. “Aspirated” and weighs 265 pounds, the fusible version – 191 pounds. Price – 55 $ 200 includes the shipping from Australia to USA.

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