Rescue RAV4: first photos

Rescue RAV4: first photos


Toyota has released the first photos of the exterior of a rescue SUV based on the Toyota RAV4. The special edition, called Mountain Rescue, will debut in Japan tomorrow.

The RAV4 Mountain Rescue has been painted matt black with bright red tow hooks located in the reinforced front bumper. In addition, additional LED lighting was installed along the perimeter of the SUV, as well as scarlet flashing beacons and steps on the sills.

To work in hard-to-reach areas, the RAV4 special version was equipped with increased ground clearance, large wheels with off-road tires, as well as a set of necessary equipment for rescue operations. If necessary, the SUV can be equipped with a lidar, all-round cameras and even a drone.

Initially, the Toyota RAV4 Mountain Rescue was planned to be presented in January at the Tokyo Motor Show. However, due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the premiere of the rescue SUV had to be postponed. The official debut of the special version will take place tomorrow in the Japanese city of Takaoka, where a record amount of snow has fallen since the beginning of the year.

Such off-road vehicles will definitely come in handy in difficult weather conditions in hard-to-reach areas. Drivers of four Toyota Tundra pickups found themselves in a similar situation in December last year, who went to conquer mountainous terrain and were trapped in an ice trap.

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