Restarts are different, even such

Restarts are different, even such


Independent designer and 3D-modeler Sergey Barinov has published a gallery of his new project – a coupe based on the Volga GAZ-24.

The wheelbase of the coupe is shorter than that of the GAZ-24 sedan, thanks to which it was possible to obtain fairly harmonious proportions. Sergei did not fill up the front glass and lower the roof and this ensured the two-door 100% recognizability, although in fact there is not a single detail in it from the donor.

Lighting equipment, bumpers, doors with frameless glasses and retractable handles, all exterior body panels and even rear-view mirrors are completely new. The track was significantly widened and required puffy wheel arches. Ground clearance is almost at the level of lowriders, the front splitter almost creeps along the ground. The exhaust is brought out on the sides, in front of the rear wheels. At the bottom of the stern, you can see the diffuser ridge. The boot lid is topped with a classic black spoiler. The hump of the air intake on the bonnet hints at a mighty V8 under the bonnet, preferably with a supercharged supercharger like the top American muscle cars.

Sergey Barinov also developed a project of a full-fledged hot rod based on the GAZ-24, but so far it is presented only in video format, the author promises to post pictures later.

Meanwhile, restomoding is now increasingly being done by automakers themselves. For example, Volvo recently launched the small-scale P1800 Cyan coupe, and Opel will unveil an electric restomod based on the first-generation Manta coupe on May 19, and there will be more such projects as public interest in automotive history grows and you can make good money on it.

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