Restyled Crossland: the most “charged” in the class?

Restyled Crossland: the most “charged” in the class?


Exactly a year ago (well, almost exactly) we already introduced you to the B-class crossover Opel Crossland X. What has changed since then? SUV from Opel lost the letter “X” in the name, tried on the corporate identity of the Opel Visor, got hold of “charged” trim levels, and also became more attractive in price … Or not? We deal with all the nuances in the “WhatWhy” format.

P.S. There will be no test drive. The car has not changed technically (and this is even a plus), so we see no reason to spend your and our time on retelling last year’s feelings. But if you still need to brush up on Crossland’s riding habits, we recommend signing up for a test drive or reviewing our past WhyWhy.

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