Restyling Ford Explorer: new photos

Restyling Ford Explorer: new photos


Changan-Ford joint venture published the first photo of the updated Ford Explorer for the Chinese market. Pozashlyahovik commemoratively changed, and not only called. The most important thing about the pre-styling model is the one with the husband, what to shine, the headlights.

Chinese Ford Explorer has appeared in 2020 rotation. The model was put on the assembly line at the Changan-Ford plant in Hangzhou, and the sound of it is a bit different from the global pozashlyakhovik. With the restyling, Explorer removes a new radiator grille, bumpers, headlights and lights, and also removes a new multimedia system, similar to the one on the Ford Evos crossover.

The headline of the updated “Explorer” – received by the wife, who shines, lights. “Ikla” in the front bumper and lights that go on the trunk door. There are no official photos of the interior, but we already know that a new large-format central display will appear in the saloon of the post-ashuring car, plus the architecture of the front panel will change.

Be aware that the Explorer will continue to complete the “turbo-four” 2.3 EcoBoost with an increase of 276 horsepower and 425 Nm of torque, combined with a nine-speed automatic. The premiere of the restyled crossover will be held at the Beijing Motor Show at the quarter, where they will show a special version of the pre-reform model. Might be the next hour Ford sells cars at the same time.

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