Retractable Car Shield Tested!

Retractable Car Shield Tested!


We’re testing what this car shield can actually withstand. We’ve heard it can protect cars from falling debris like bricks, so we thought we’d see if it was true! We simulate rain, hail and a heavy rock. Will the McLaren survive without a scratch? We saw a clip of its potential from the guys at Crown Rick Auto.

spoiler from china check this out they told me my mclaren would go way faster what’s up guys got myself a tent for the mclaren i’ll show you what it does in just a sec supercar pondy here what’s up welcome to the fam if you haven’t yet joined yet subscribe press the subscribe button hit the like button for us it helps us reach as many people as possible right okay check this out i got something weird and wonderful for you today as usual bucket of water some golf balls and a massive rock all right serge will you bring the ladder over for us yeah welcome to the fun and games oh yeah absolutely i’m excited for this one all right guys this is the latest craziest car protection shield right that we’ve ordered online and is supposedly going to protect my mclaren from literally anything that can be thrown at it like meteor showers hail i don’t know what else everything let’s do it let’s hope it does what it says it does all right check her out this is yeah the latest protection shield for your car it’s pretty like massive like it’s huge it’s a bit it’s huge it’s it’s literally huge i don’t know who would actually like carry this around their car in their car to take it out and put this on we’re gonna pin her down look look so you’ve got this whole web underneath here right and i was actually quite impressed how quickly it opened right yeah yeah in one go no problem couple of seconds and it’s from china so we weren’t expecting we love china so we love chinese gadgets these just kind of hook around the body of the car the side mirror all right and then this one here it’s actually pretty straightforward it’s not like complicated it’s uh you can do it on your own yeah you can you can i reckon the only issue i see guys is look it doesn’t completely cover the front of the car but you see around the back look it comes out the back more so if we positioned it more forward i reckon it would cover the whole cupboard yeah all right so here’s the big test you guys we’re going to stop the row and stop at this mclaren yeah i’m a little bit nervous about it i have to be honest but i’m excited as well it’s like that kind of weird feeling in between nervous excited yeah i mean look it’s not the smartest idea to like pelt rocks at your mclaren um but i’ve been told that it can withstand all of this courtesy of sergey has he’s found this a big massive rock like this is heavy yeah it’s heavy you can like you can oh my god okay this is we’re going to work up to that we start off with the bucket of water okay all right do you want to do the honors i don’t want to be all right so i get in trouble if i mess it up and then see how well the water first of all bounces off this shield so this would be like an apocalyptic kind of rainstorm it’s not anything crazy yet it’s just a lot of rain a lot of water okay how wet is your car gonna get under a shower basically when it rains right i’ll hold the ladder for you yeah because this ladder is also like kind of sketchy oh okay let’s see all right stage one so three two one oh my god it’s pouring rain okay my feet got one but how’s the car looking look it’s okay guys it’s a bit wet um do you know why because it went through this hole here look this opened up and there’s a bit of a hole i’m not sure why there’s a hole there that’s a bit annoying actually but um the rest of the car is okay i think that was a bit of a fail to be honest like it’s a bit wet on the side but otherwise like if you want to keep the majority of the car clean it worked like your windshield is still going to be clean yeah i think that some of the water bounced off my leg or foot because my foot here got soaking wet splash back oh so it’s splashed back okay fine all right so it’s not as bad as i thought okay golf ball time this simulates a hail storm right and i don’t know about you guys but i’ve actually been stuck in a quite a bad hail storm and it was in a mclaren in sydney do you remember that nick cass oh my goodness that was super freaky because it wasn’t my mclaren so we had to pull up underneath a tree and park it there until the hail stopped and it worked it can’t yeah it did work thank god all right so hail storm time what’s going to happen if you peg a whole bunch of golf balls on top of the car well let’s throw a test one okay okay and then you’ll throw one too as well okay fine fine okay can i throw this one up high in the air good that’s good right yeah dude okay let me see let me take a hit from here so i can see the result okay ready nice all right ready three two one go they’re everywhere that was awesome i like fully repelled even at the front they’re fine you know it absorbs it pretty well today like even at the front surgery it didn’t hit the front i know it didn’t hit anything at all that’s cool i like that all right ultimate test you guys i just it’s a lot of fun sorry guys all right this one now this this this is a different story altogether this is a massive rock i mean look for all of those meteor showers that we get stuck in yes every other day right yeah this is this is really testing you know kind of an alien invasion the limits to nature guys how heavy do you think this is this must be i’d say two or three kilos maybe three kilos i would agree it’s very hard yeah about two kilos yeah yeah all right so we’re actually going to be throwing no sergi is going to be throwing a two kilogram rock at my mclaren um and it’s just going to come out of your pay if something happens agreed yeah i’ll take responsibility but i’m sure but yeah i’m feeling good okay no no practice throws but it’s all on the flick of the wrist okay okay i’m just worried about this this is all i’m worried about search like it going through these holes yeah we need to be really careful of that because if that happens then we’re here to test all of it so if it lands in the holes it lands in the holes let’s do it who gave him should i um like hulk smash it down all or nothing oh my god okay i’ll count you down you’re counting me down yeah three two one no damage no damage oh my god yeah i wasn’t breathing there for a few seconds oh my goodness so where did it hit it hit it hits on my head didn’t it like here here and then it kind of rolled and then bounced the good thing about this is kind of bounces i think you can’t see it as much on camera but this is actually really really strong for me i would never use this because it’s just a bit too big and i wouldn’t lug it around in my mclaren but if you have you know a work vehicle or something right at a construction site or something then yeah maybe this could should be the solution all right we’re just going to close her off yeah like it’s quite quick and nifty right but it’s just massive i just i look at it and it’s really damn ugly like you look and go what what is that but it does what it says it does so plus it’s permanently mounted on the thing you you know yeah you can’t remove this so if you caught if you don’t have a mclaren and your car is too high you’re gonna sue you you couldn’t get into the garage so you can only have it for this is only made for supercars that are beautiful yes that’s cheap no no no it’s true yeah it’s nice it’s drilled in with a drill it’s not a problem i’m just gonna have to drill it anyway okay show me that it’s not a dribble all right sorry it’s just a suction what so you just pull this handle up and it comes off yeah man it’s a pretty true yeah it’s actually not drilled in it’s not i don’t believe it on this side oh you’re gonna make me pull this thing up yeah this oh how do you do this serge you did drill it in didn’t you oh that is in there see i told you that’s permanent get it off my recliner this is not a pretty thing but it does its job hey well done welcome it’s quite heavy oh yeah it’s quite heavy but it’s doable geez what is it like 10 kilos 12 15 kilos yeah so does this get the supercar blinding seal of approval yeah okay nice yes the second i think it’s cool i that’s it that’s it i but you know what we’re not done testing chinese gadgets i think at this point this is just the beginning just the beginning all right give us a quick thumbs up on the video subscribe to the supercar blondie family and a massive thank you to my notifications gang i know you’re out there right drop a comment i’ll be reading them love you guys you

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