Returns turbo Yamaha motorcycles

Returns turbo Yamaha motorcycles


Superchargers and turbo are proven tools in the automotive industry to overcome the increasing regulation of hazardous exhaust. This technique can migrate to the world of monopropylene that begins to Balk at the restrictions that over the last decade has been very restrictive. Yamaha is considering the release of a whole line of turbo motorcycles in the future.

Three years ago Yamaha has filed a patent application turbocharger for motorcycle. This patent, along with the constant tightening of the standards of harmful exhaust hints at future turbo Yamaha. According to journalists MCN standard Euro5’ll get Yamaha to develop and release a line of turbo motorcycles.


In this case we are not talking about high-performance motorcycle type Kawasaki H2R, and the typical road vehicles with low fuel consumption and emissions. Engine with turbocharger produces about 30-40% more power at equal volume. This means that MT-10 can produce 200 HP instead of the current 155 HP There is a problem with the turbo hole as the power starts to grow significantly at speeds slightly above the lowest. Turbochargers are driven by the turbine driven by exhaust energy. In modern systems, the problem of turbo’s pit has been accomplished.

In the past Yamaha has released turbo motorcycles. In the 80-ies of the Japanese manufacturer offered XJ650 Turbo (pictured above). The model released just a few years.

The topic is interesting and probably promising. Waiting for more concrete news.

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