Revamped Model S and X delayed

Revamped Model S and X delayed


As it became known from the results of sales of Tesla cars for the first quarter of 2021, in these three months, customers did not receive a single updated Model S and Model X. The publication claims that now for customers who ordered cars, the waiting time has shifted from March-April to May-July. The configurator on the company’s website promises the same months when ordering new cars in the USA.

Recall that both new items were presented in early 2021. Then it was argued that their production will start in a matter of weeks. Later, in February, Elon Musk sent out a letter to employees saying that in the very near future they will need more workers, since almost everything is ready to start assembling Model S and X.

What exactly is the reason for the delay in the start of production is not specified. But makes a very logical assumption that the problem may be caused by the unavailability of the software.

The fact is that in restyled cars, instead of a vertical central display, a horizontal one appeared. This should have required a complete redesign of the user interface, as the display settings do not match those of the displays in Models 3 and Y, where they are also oriented horizontally.

Also, the new models have a completely updated display that replaces the instrument panel. It also needs a new user interface. Considering Musk’s words that the assembly lines themselves are almost ready, it is logical to assume that it is the programmers who are faced with problems that will take additional time to solve.

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