Revamped Tesla Model S caught photo spies (video)

Revamped Tesla Model S caught photo spies (video)


A prototype electric sedan Tesla Model S with an updated design “lit up” on the road not far from the headquarters of Tesla in Palo Alto (California, USA). It is not yet clear whether it is a prototype of the next version of the production Model s with an updated design or a prototype of the model s Plaid electric car, which is expected to appear no earlier than the end of this year.

The prototype seen here has several differences from the production Model S, including a wider body, a new rear bumper diffuser, the lack of chrome in most of the body trim, new headlights and possibly updated wheels, although they are very similar to the wheels of the Tesla Arachnid.

In any case, this is not related to the modification of third-party manufacturers, as the footage of the video posted on the YouTube channel “the Kilowatts” shows that the car has the license plates of the automaker.

Back in 2018, there were reports that Tesla was working on a significant design update for the Model S and Model X, which was planned to be produced in the summer of 2019. But then the company’s plans changed, as it focused all its resources on ramping up production of the Model 3. apparently, the time has come for Tesla to finally update the design of the Model S and, possibly, along with it, the Model X.

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