Revamped Yamaha scooter zuma 125

Revamped Yamaha scooter zuma 125


Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha has announced the updated Yamaha Zuma 125 (BW 125) 2021 scooter with a more brutal design and variable valve timing.

Visually, the 2021 Yamaha Zuma 125 scooter has become more utilitarian and off-road compared to the 2020 version. The rear wing has become larger and angular, while the front wing has become more square. The tire size has not changed, but now DURO is installed with a more aggressive tread pattern.

Yamaha Zuma 125 2021 is equipped with the same 125 cc engine with modified cylinder dimensions – now 52 x 58.7 mm (was 52.4 x 57.9 mm). The compression ratio has increased from 10: 1 to 11.2: 1. The engine configuration has not changed: injection, four-valve unit with one overhead camshaft and air cooling. The main change is the addition of the VVA system, which allows you to change the timing of the ignition. It increased torque at low revs, improved linear acceleration and added power at high revs. The torque is transmitted to the rear wheel via a belt drive and a centrifugal clutch.

The chassis hasn’t changed much. It is based on the same tubular frame. The saddle height has been increased by 5 mm, while the saddle has been made narrower for more comfortable reach to the ground.

Other features:

  • 33mm telescopic fork
  • seat for integral
  • front glove box with USB A connector
  • LCD tidy
  • center stand
  • from $ 3700
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