Revealed the design of the new supercar Pagani

Revealed the design of the new supercar Pagani


The Pagani Huayra supercar is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, so work on a successor is already in full swing in San Cesario sul Panaro. The model with the C10 index is planned to be presented in the summer or autumn at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, but you can see how the car will look like now.

A photo of the Pagani C10 has leaked online through unofficial channels. According to unconfirmed information, the circulation of the supercar will be 280 copies, and the price will start from three million euros. The Berlinetta will be powered by a V12 6.0 biturbo engine from Mercedes-AMG paired with a preselective “robot” or optional “mechanics”, and in terms of recoil the car can be compared to the infernal Huayra R (850 hp).

According to the manufacturer, the C10 focused on weight reduction rather than design. In the picture, the supercar looks like a plump “Wyra”, although it is not difficult to recognize the Pagani in it. Here, the front, headlights and sterns are decorated differently, but there is continuity. The cockpit canopy has become a little more voluminous, but this is most likely the result of perspective distortion. Most notable is the Bugatti Chiron’s Sky View-style panoramic roof.

The latest version of Huayra debuted last August and is called Pacchetto Tempesta. Basically, it is a separate package for the Huayra BC, which boosts the output of the V12 6.0 biturbo engine to 827 horsepower and 1100 Nm of torque. Complementing the increased power comes a new Adaptive Suspension, Soft Driving Mode, “vibrant interior detailing” as well as a six-tail exhaust manifold and improved aerodynamics.

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