Revealed the power of the new Genesis G90

Revealed the power of the new Genesis G90


The Korean Car Blog has an excerpt of their certification document for the new Genesis G90, which indicates the engine power of the long wheelbase sedan (LWB). This version is also equipped with a six-cylinder 3.5 T-GDi biturbo engine of the Smartstream family, like the regular G90, but supplemented by a 48-volt e-S / C electric supercharger. During the premiere of the second generation model, the manufacturer did not disclose the recoil rates, but said that the “six” G6DV reaches its peak torque faster than others, plus improves acceleration dynamics from low and medium speeds.

The Smartstream family includes a wide range of units from 1.0 to 3.5 liters, including those with the innovative CVVD Continuous Opening Timing System. The engines are installed on all Hyundai / Kia models, but the top-end V6 with the factory index G6DS and two turbochargers is still reserved for Genesis. On a regular second-generation G90, this engine produces 380 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque. And on the G90 the LWB is even bigger, with the addition of a 48-volt e-S / C electric supercharger.

The electric appendage changes the index of the “six” to G6DV and increases the output by 35 forces, up to 415. The magnitude of the moment is not indicated again, but from the words of the manufacturer it is known that the engine with a combined supercharging reaches the peak torque faster than other similar units, and also improves acceleration dynamics from low and medium speeds. By the way, the previous G90 with “aspirated” V8 5.0 (425 hp and 520 Nm) accelerated to 100 in 5.7 seconds, so the second-generation sedan may well approach five seconds.

At the same time, the “second” G90 LWB comes exclusively with four-wheel drive, and standard for it are multi-chamber air suspension with automatic ride height control and a steering rear axle. Otherwise, the sedan repeats the usual G90: the predictive suspension Preview-ECS, which uses data from the front camera and navigation to adjust the shock absorbers, Two-Line headlights with 200 microlenses each for low beam and inlays in the cabin, made in the traditional Korean sangam technique.

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