Revealing My Custom Rare Hypercar UPDATE

Revealing My Custom Rare Hypercar UPDATE


I’m Supercar Blondie and this is an update on my new ultra-rare custom Hypercar. This thing is gonna be the craziest car in the world. The car is an Ares S1, a super rare hypercar made in Italy based off of a Corvette C8 chasis.This thing is gonna have gull-wing doors and will have a similar price range to a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ or a Ferrari SF90 Stradale.Watch the initial reveal belowARES S1 Reveal video: ARES website: It’s rare because only 24 will ever be made, making it one of the rarest cars in the world.SUBSCRIBE

i bought a one-off hyper car called the arrows s1 you’ve probably never seen one because a working version does not exist but i’m supercar blondie and around here we get done not only did i buy it i actually picked it out and today i’m going to reveal never before seen footage of this thing coming to life so did you get in here what are we doing so we’ve taken out the rss one you’ve seen it i’ve seen it most of the people in here have seen it if you haven’t yet seen it go check it out right now the link to that video is in the description i just bought this car look at it look at this beauty this is pretty much exactly how it’s going to look when it is delivered to me in about 10 months time this is 21 inch in the front and then you’ve got the headlights here that is more classic pagani we’ll recognize straight away as a koenigsegg feature this kind of flashing light from the f1 the laferrari has one of those whoa little plot twist that car don’t move in fact they have not yet made an arrows that can move until now that’s the driver’s seat right there check that out they’ve actually made a whole mold of it yeah but that doesn’t look like it moves either so like no it doesn’t it’s a mold yeah right okay they’ll get there they’ll get there but check out those rims look at that it’s like one inch rims minuscule imagine that you got like little spinning one-inch rims yeah that’s what you get are those the rims you’re gonna put on your version i thought no one else has those rims yet so why don’t we just like go for the tiniest little rims i like it let’s do it this is what the final car is gonna look like how crazy is this now this is actually the render of it check out those butterfly doors wow now they are cool but i’ve taken it step further oh yeah you did you did the like uh the thing you’ve got the golden girls oh yeah okay yeah so this is going to be the only one in the world that has not the butterfly for the girl as if they didn’t already have enough work with you asking them make this thing move you’re like you know what i don’t like the doors change them make them go up that’s the amazing thing about this project like i can just ask for whatever i want aries is an italian coach builder they take a corvette they bring it to modern italy and they tune the engine over 700 horsepower and then they’ve filled a whole new car around are you telling me the chassis is a corvette yes built off a corvette the italians are taken from the americans i always thought it was like the other way around and like you know americans get the pizza and they’re like what have they done to me so it’s the other way around and the italians like boom we’re going to make it even bigger and better and crazy so this is like a hyper car like this is uh yeah it’s super car level of horsepower but hyper car looks it looks like a hyper car you can’t deny that but is it rare like a hyperlink it is rare only 24 will ever be made and i’m getting the first one and it’s being made right now this is the footage we’re seeing oh that’s your face that’s my face that’s my logo right there where are they going to put it i didn’t know they were doing anything with my logo where are they going to put it good question i don’t know the rims maybe oh they had your face on the rims like i’ve never seen that before just like just like going around running around we’re on the hood just a huge supercar blind on the hook yeah yeah it could work maybe a little bit too much okay let’s check out where they’re actually gonna put it oh okay that looks nice all right that’s classy i like that on the headrest yes i am strange but cool by the way look at the state of those desks they 100 have the conversation like guys clean up the desks because we’re going to be on supercar blinding like those that’s right that’s so true no desks ever look like that actually we have lily here new team member of supercar blondie she’s actually flown in from the uk and she is our resident desk inspector so it’s time to do a surprise desk inspection to everyone upstairs lily lilly there it’s surprise zest inspection come on surprise desk inspections show us your desks surprise desk inspection oh my gosh it’s filthy nice it’s nice what’s your best looking grass what is this oh we got some food this is good there’s not much on this one aries would be happy with this all right very last footage check this out so this is what the car looks like right now in modern day italy still got a little bit to go we’ve got a fair ways to go but it’s so cool that we can actually see what is happening over there right now this is my car yeah that’s my car that’s your actual car that’s my actual car the very first rss one that is being built in italy gonna be flown over to dubai in just a few months time i think a lot of people that are watching are wondering how much will it cost six hundred and fifty thousand dollars which is cheaper than most hyper cars you could get like a bugatti like which looks like a hybrid car right i think that’s three million dollars this looks like a hyper car and this is 650. i actually prefer this like i love the way that this car looks this looks super unique what do you guys recommend it looks like a spaceship yes all right that’s it you guys that is the latest footage and we’ll see you guys next time make sure to subscribe love you the car wars as well that’s the super cop blondie bye we’re out of fireworks too

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