Revealing My Custom Rolls Royce Make-over!!

Revealing My Custom Rolls Royce Make-over!!


I’m so excited about my new Rolls Royce design! Nardo grey with bright orange detailing. The Rims are from @VossenWheels , and they’re so big we had to source special tyres AND modify a panel on the car for them to fit. I always get Cardip done now instead of a wrap because it’s peelable paint that doesn’t ruin the original factory paint and peels right off. It also has no seems like a wrap does. Massive thanks to Cardip UAE for working on this and to my wonderful designer Carbonov Design who came up with this look. What do you guys think??Special thanks to:

oh bright orange spirit of ecstasy what’s up guys supercar blondie here um this is an exciting day that right there is my rolls royce wraith black badge and it has gone through a complete makeover this is super exciting for me to announce i’ve just expanded my super cup londy team and they’re all here as well so i’ll introduce you to them come over here and check this out just before we do the reveal look what they do this is actually car dip this is a peelable paint that they spray on top of the car so instead of getting a wrap you see how all there’s no edges the color wraps around the entire panel and it looks then like factory paint and they’ve been working on this for about two weeks i’ve had to hire people just so that they can provide smoke at shoot hit it nathan so this is my brother-in-law nathan um he has actually come over flown over from australia to join the supercar blogging team expert uh spoke smoke machine yes that is literally all he’s allowed to do it’s all i’m qualified yeah if he does anything else look how good i am you’re rocking it i’m so glad i hired him totally worth the money all right then i have kate little sister kate hey guys so i don’t know why i’ve had her yet we’ll figure it out i’m going to clean super cover on this car yeah that’s perfect okay awesome so now i’ve got a smoke guy and a car cleaner sergey you guys know sergey been on my channel now for a little while so now we’re a family of five and we’re expanding so i’m excited guys come on in because i want to show you let’s all experience this together there have been three main players over the last few weeks to bring this together uh syed from cardiff let me just introduce you really quickly so he runs the place here done an amazing job just to show us your face quickly so we know who you are there we are look at that smile and then we have dimitri from the carbon off design so he’s actually worked on the design of the car all right so this is just a company car right that everyone can drive from the bay yeah yeah no that’s not happening no no no all right if you wash the car every day i’ll let you drive it worth it oh my goodness guys nado grey wraith with emma’s orange accents how freaking cool does this look here’s the first coolest feature come with me that actually 3d embossed my logo on the side look at that can you see that it’s my glasses it’s my face on a car something i never knew i wanted but now touch it guys touch it so you can see this actually was super difficult this was actually super difficult to do um you guys had we’re going back and forth for like a week it’s really really difficult my designer dimitri suggested embossing something on the car and so we’re like well should we do my logo yes if we combine the two technologies like the steel stickers and the label paint because underneath is stickers and then difficult work to apply the label on top we’re living in the future seriously i’ve never seen this before and the reason why i love it is because it’s so subtle you can’t see this in every light otherwise i wouldn’t want like my face smack bang on the side of the car it’s just not classy but in that kind of like subtle embossed way i really think that is a special special feature okay now this is really freaking cool guys look at these rims right these are 24 inch rims from vossen and i actually was a bit scared that they might be too big because this is unheard of getting 24 inch rims on a rolls royce wraith and it actually took three weeks to source tires to go with these rims and then we had to source people who would actually get the tires on the rims right which is also very difficult demetrius like this has been a nightmare project but they’ve made it happen we’ve of course matched the brake calipers to the emes orange line here as well now can you guys see this this is the second emboss feature this is a big s b that looks whoa oh no you’re not wearing it what did i stand for stupid so the same as my cap right actually your one is on that side oh yeah see that’s that’s the face logo well where can you buy them well not yet we’ve got a whole new caps and stuff coming out soon but oh oh the coolest thing ever whoa wait look at this look at this all right you ready for this well are they ready are they are you ready are you guys ready this you’ve never seen before no it’s not actually damn we should have thought of that that wouldn’t be about it no that’s too much that’s crazy all right are you guys ready this is freaking sweet orange spirit of ecstasy look how cool that looks like come back from a distance wow look how sweet that looks i love that i love love love love love so we’ve got this we’ve got these here just like little orange details everywhere which i love they’re just beautifully placed and then in the interior because these guys at car did do everything literally everything so on the interior of this one i just wanted a little touch of orange look at these nice bright orange seat belts and i just love how they can completely match everything like the range of colors they have is insane that’s the only thing i’ve changed on the interior so far let me know if you think i should do any more accents on the interior or the exterior if you think this should be another accent somewhere in orange there is a moment with the which we break the standard they are also stickers finishing here but we follow the shape true the rules have been broken so richard rose rewritten do you repaint the rolls royce on top right actually pillow so we don’t remove the calipers we just mask around it and then we and then you can just peel it off you can just peel it up like i love that so with a wrap sometimes i got a wrap once and i peeled off the wrap and it actually damaged the paint underneath yeah because it leaves some residue and it varies between quality to a different quality exactly an appealable paint doesn’t leave any residue on it so it’s very easy you just pull it off what happens guys is instead of getting a ppf like a protective layer over your factory paint what you can do is you can get a car dip which is this peelable paint it protects your original paint color underneath so it works as protection and it works as like a whole new paint job and i actually never want to get a wrap again you guys do such an incredible job thank you you have i you blow my mind every single time and the next one in your office here is going to be my 720s and a massive thank you to boston as well for giving me these wheels i absolutely love them watch what happens when i turn these vossen wheels ready can you see that okay so at the moment because the wheels are so big 24 inch um it’s actually touching the body of the car so i can only drive in a straight line forever corners are over right now who goes over there don’t need corners is going to have to like um modify this panel here and push it back so that the wheel and the tire actually clears that area i actually thought this is going to look way too big but now that i see it it gives the rolls royce such an incredible presence that i think it’s totally worth it i love that that’s it all right i hope you liked my little intro and thank you guys so much for watching all right love y’all i think we’re out bye you

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