Revealing My New Tiffany Custom Brabus G-Wagen

Revealing My New Tiffany Custom Brabus G-Wagen


This is my new Tiffany custom Brabus G-Wagen. I handed over my Mercedes G-Wagen to Brabus for a complete makeover. The Brabus bodykit includes a wide-body frame, 23 inch rims and a ton of carbon fiber. I think this is one of the most beautiful Mercedes in the world.Special Thanks to:@BRABUS You can follow Supercar Blondie on:Disclaimer: This is not an official Tiffany collaboration

this is a surprise for supercar blondie what kind of huge it is yo nick i think it’s just coming now it’s coming yeah okay what’s up i got a little surprise i mean it’s a big surprise all right can i can i look oh what is that what i think it is really crispy look at the box this is awesome what this is like a tiffany box oh my this is so cool okay if this is what i think it is i’ve been waiting what six months over six months for this it’s fully customized what do i do pulling the bob is oh my goodness guys this is so cool oh my goodness like wow this is so awesome guys this is the very first tiffany edition bravos g wagon how cool is it first i’ve got to show you these rims so these are called mono block 23 inch rims by braavos and the cool thing is guys is when you buy a g-wagon you take it into braavos you can basically do it however you want it’s fully customized to you so i had so many rooms to choose from and i was like no you know what something about these rims it just goes bam in your face it’s so freaking cool and do you see this kind of brushed metallic effect here i love this this is done by cardiff and i love the contrast between this color and the tiffany blue i love that right now let me show you what else they’ve done so much stuff oh sports exhaust all new i’m gonna i’m gonna rev it later so you guys can see just how good this sounds they’ve actually upped the horsepower to 800 it is now 800 horsepower a g800 bit turbo now come around the back guys again i could select whatever i wanted to for the spare wheel cover this is all carbon fiber love love love you’ve got the rear spoiler up here as well around here look you’ve got the 800 badge important love it’s actually got something called a wide star body kit all right so if you look at this all the fenders come out further than on a normal g wagon can you see that so all of this is new and all of these lights as well the led lights they’ve put in and up here you’ve got led spotlights so that’s all done by bravus and then of course you cannot miss this incredible hood scoop in carbon fiber i love this feature and what they’ve also done and i love the attention to detail is instead of making this in red sometimes it’s red stripes they’ve made it tiffany blue stripes i think that is so gorgeous now the one thing you want to see guys is why is this the tiffany edition braavos come with me i could select any color i wanted to for the interior this is the one i selected ready it is bright blue beautiful tiffany blue look at this even in the steering wheel is tiffany blue i’m just in love with this color the back because you get more blue in the back look at this oh it’s so gorgeous so i chose this stitching pattern you can choose whatever and then here on the headrest check this out it’s all new stitching bravos 800 and what i’m actually gonna do you guys is because i want more tiffany blue so i’m gonna make the roof and the pillars all in tiffany blue as well so that’s gonna happen in the next few weeks i’m super excited about doing that and you get all these light up panels as well by brabus that lights up you can see that little bit there in the shadow oh how cool what do you guys reckon what do you reckon let’s get in i’ve seen this car with like a bright yellow interior bright red one a dark blue there are lots of dark blue interiors but i’ve never seen this before i’m so stoked at how this turned out even down here you guys look at new aluminium petals can you see that just all the little details even here on the wheel oh man i’m loving this i’ve got one more thing to show you before i rev this baby and just show you how beastly it sounds around the front we’re gonna pop the hood something we don’t usually do on this channel they have fully upgraded the engine look at this now it has 800 instead of 585 horsepower so that’s over 200 more horsepower to this beast right now to get it to 700 is okay but to get it to 800 they have to replace all of these different parts and everything so this is a huge project and this has actually been with brabus for months should we go for a drive let’s do it all right okay starter up here we go engine start see that i’m filming that yeah okay right um just check this out actually check this out so this is how you change the exhaust or you open the exhaust with this right here and you can hear that open up and now it’s like this deep grumble all right rivet i can’t hear we’re gonna take it out okay ready let’s feel what 800 horsepower that is awesome all right so there’s a bit of a turbo lag so you need to wait for it to really kick in with the power but once it does what happens is it has so much power the front actually lifts as you drive this is crazy it just goes oh my god now i want you guys to listen to the sound oh my god now listen to this oh it sounds like a lamborghini that is so awesome okay now check it out from the outside it’s really loud it’s so cool huh wow okay jump out jump out can you read it here yeah yeah let’s do good is it all right that’s it guys i hope you enjoyed i’m so excited about my brand new bra with g wagon i can’t stop saying it thank you so much for watching bye i’m out love y’all you

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