Revealing The New T50 Propeller Hypercar | by Gordon Murray

Revealing The New T50 Propeller Hypercar | by Gordon Murray


Here’s exclusive walk around footage of the much anticipated Supercar by Gordon Murray Automotive. Gordon also designed the famous McLaren F1. It’s a 3 seater super light weight car with a naturally aspirated V12! Let me know what you think! xoSpecial thanks to @gordonmurrayautomotiveF1 Video via Follow me on:#T50 #GordonMurrayAutomotive #Supercarblondie

what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie from home here in dubai and i have very exciting footage for you to see today it is exclusive footage of the newest greatest supercar to be released they describe it as a supercar hypercar levels of supercar okay that’s what we’re talking about what is it it’s actually gordon murray’s first ever supercar produced under gordon murray automotive so who is gordon murray you might be asking he was actually the brain child behind the mclaren f1 and sergi is kind of excited about this one right because they look the same subscribe to the supercar blimey family yeah what he said oh so gordon murray was actually the guy behind mclaren f1 the mclaren f1 is the fastest naturally aspirated v12 in the world it was produced back in the mid 90s they only made and six f-ones and they are now so valuable one actually sold for 16 million dollars a couple of years ago and the average price of one now if you’re looking to buy one you might be able to get your hands on one for around 20 million dollars this is a car built in the 90s 20 million dollars now gordon who is behind the f1 has actually set up his own automotive manufacturing company and he has just released footage of his very first supercar under that brand the question is has he created an even better car than the f1 all right here’s gordon guys hello to the super club bundy family for the last 18 months i’ve been working on something rather special and i hope you like it thank you gordon all right there you go guys 18 months it’s taken to develop at this car now we’re getting a first look here as you can see it’s like quite a sleek minimalist design and they’ve done that on purpose they really want to make sure that this car looks just as modern in 30 years as it does now also it’s super exclusive only 100 of these cars will be made and the cost just over 3 million dollars for each car now what’s super special about this car is you’re going to want to see where the driver sits okay wait for that and just as we’re coming around the back of the car check that out look at that you see that big round thing in the middle that’s actually a fan it’s 40 centimeters across and what they wanted to do is not hide this fan what’s interesting is that the f1 the mclaren f1 also had fans but they were hidden so not many people actually knew that they were using fans for better downforce and for better airflow over and below the car gordon has said that on his car he wants all of those functional elements to be seen as actual design features what do you guys think of it i think it actually looks pretty cool um i’ve never seen that before on the back of a car and when i first saw i was like what what is that and i think a lot of people will say have the same reaction when you drive past them or just see it on the road like wow what is that thing on the back dude it’s like it spits flames it’s like a jet fighter and then you turn it on it’s just what do you think of the fence is that one of the main features on this car that you go hell yes like i love this feature that like makes the car yeah okay there you go you’ve got the expert opinion right there from sergi thank you very much you see the t50 there on the back why is this car called the t50 because gordon murray has been designing cars for the last 50 years so it’s like an ode to that that’s quite a nice design how the lead lights are separated in three pieces you’ve got this honeycomb kind of effect all through the back now this thing here that’s what i was talking about before this actually feeds air straight down into the engine and what i like about this is you can see directly down into the engine and what i hear is those windows actually open so you’ve got two dihedral doors and then you’ve got two more windows at the back that open up to the engine which is quite cool this engine is the lightest v12 ever made apart from the one that i made out of toilet rolls and it is also the highest revving engine ever in a road car it gets up to a record-breaking 12 100 rpm yes yes what interests me more is not the numbers but how it’s actually going to sound we have been told that it’s going to scream and i’m excited about that when you have a v12 you want to hear it scream so i cannot wait to actually hear what it sounds like this v12 engine puts out just over 650 horsepower as we go around the front you’re gonna see a little badge when you see this badge on the road that’s when you’re gonna know it’s a gordon murray automotive design now it’s got these beautiful dihedral doors we’re going inside this is my favorite place look at this so you actually sit in the middle of the car now you go well where have i seen that before the mclaren f1 right so there is a bit of similarity there between the f1 sitting in the middle and this one and then you’ve got two passengers either side of you and they sit just a little bit behind you so you’ve got one over here one over here but you are centered and you are further forward than your passengers that is so freaking cool but you see how all of the controls just wrap around the driver and then with the pedals they’re like a web formation and that is actually to save weight this car is all about weight saving the car as a whole is super light it weighs under a thousand kilograms which is light for a supercar which is about a third lighter than the average supercar so because it weighs so little it means that they don’t have to have an engine that puts out 900 000 horsepower they’ve got a v12 engine that puts out about 650 horsepower but because the car is so light it feels like you’ve got an engine producing 950 horsepower weight to power is actually what they said that they were working on so that is a huge component of this car just how lightweight every single part is let’s keep going you see there on the right there’s that little red toggle that is actually where the start stop button is and he describes it as like a missile launch toggle which is quite cool so you’ve got all of that instrument panel to the right of you just in front of that second passenger chair and what he said is all 100 customers will have a fitting session so you go and you meet gordon murray himself and he will design the driver’s seat the steering wheel and the pedals around you as the owner so that everything fits perfectly it’s a six-speed manual in an h formation there are so many supercars and hyper cars today where you can really only change the gear with the paddles sticks you know on either side of the steering wheel with this we’re going back to the days of actually you know shifting gears manually so i think a lot of drivers will be really excited about that all right let’s see that door open dihedral doors and you can see how part of the roof opens as well it’s kind of like my mclaren 720s they take out the top panels there now what is cool is there is an air intake just above the driver’s head that acts as a loudspeaker and it naturally amplifies the sound of the v12 so that you can hear it better inside the car hello that is awesome that is actually a technology or an idea also taken from the mclaren f1 i wish my mclaren 720s i thought that would be awesome production is going to start in 2022 for those 100 customers and if you get one they will actually fly a technician to anywhere you are in the world for my taste it looks a bit too understated for a three million dollar supercar i would want like more design details it’s a little bit too classic for me i know he’s on purpose not put like very obvious air intakes or flaps or wings in my opinion if they’re placed beautifully on the car they can add more drama and effect to the car also think that there’s a lot um of similarities design wise between this and the f1 i would have loved to have seen a car that looks a little bit more modern a little bit more futuristic let me know what you guys think of this car in the comments section a massive massive thank you to gordon murray and his team for sending me this exclusive footage so that you guys can see as soon as it was released around the world on the supercar blondie channel um make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet because i’m getting some really cool footage sent from all over the world this year and i’m gonna give you that first all right guys i think that’s it we’re out until next time bye guys bye didn’t he do such a great job i was working cheers you

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