Revealing World’s Coolest BMW X6 | by LARTE DESIGN

Revealing World’s Coolest BMW X6 | by LARTE DESIGN


Sergi has been waiting for this moment for weeks! He has fully upgraded his brand new X6 with a body kit and paint job!! BUT… there’s a twist. We couldn’t let this moment pass without pranking him. What do you guys think of the color and design??Check out all our awesome partners for this upgrade below:BODYKIT BY LARTE DESIGN: LARTE IG: & PEELABLE PAINT BY CARDIP UAE: & SPECIAL THANKS TO CARBONOV:Sergi –

all right what’s up guys it’s supergirl blondie and this guy yeah just me you know what it’s happening today this is the day how excited are you i i heard you 100 i am actually nervous and i don’t get nervous like this often so but i like it it’s a good feeling like uh i haven’t had my car in about a month so yeah yeah yeah so it’s getting a cool deep facelift so so what is happening is we’re actually at car dip and they have an amazing new space look they’ve even got like all of this has all been worked on and so you’re going to have custom design area you’ve got upholstery so you can come in and like actually see what stitching you want like exactly what color you want on the interior of your car i love this space this is so epic yeah yeah and it’s just the top floor because they have the entire bottom floor as well yeah and uh and we’ve got the best team ever yeah so let let us just introduce you i know you guys will know some of these guys because they’ve worked on my cars before as well so we’ve got mo yep from australia fellow aussie uh dimitri yeah uh and syed is here somewhere he’s downstairs oh okay preparing the car my team members obviously inca and jp supercar blondie team larte has the craziest body kit that we could find for my x6 so they brought out their pieces about their body kit from russia gave it over to carbon of dimitri he did the full insulation did all that and then we had to change the color and that is where cardiff comes in these guys completely changed the entire look of it yeah so it’s not just a wrap it’s not a wrap it’s a card dip so basically it’s peelable paint it’s a whole new paint job and it protects the original color and once you’re done with it you literally just peel it off that’s what i got with my rolls royce and also with my mclaren only the better yep only only the best of the best okay so sergey got his x6 couple months ago as a surprise gift if you have not seen that video yet go check it out the link to that video is in the description below go check it out and basically he was about to cry actually i think yeah you’re going to vomit also there was something if it would have been from the nausea because of the heart attack that jp gave me then i would have yeah i almost i’ve got something to tell you he doesn’t know what sergey doesn’t know is we’re about to prank him his x6 is his baby that’s how you’re gonna see how much he loves this car he has been planning this reveal this whole makeover of his x6 for months we had his girlfriend come in earlier today her name is inca part of the team let’s watch what she did to his car okay let’s try this guys nothing coming out is that okay i think it’s all right actually ta-da perfect he’s gonna love it sergi this is for you i love you so much and i know how much you love to call me bubik so there you go we’re gonna reveal the car in a way that he does not see this straight away and once he gets to that love heart all is gonna hit the fan man a lot of people will try and be nice about it right just be like oh thanks babe that’s really not what i wanted but cute like thanks so she can’t hide his feelings everything’s going to be written on his face and i cannot wait for that moment and then after he’s gotten the shock of his life we’ll reveal that you can actually wash it straight off let’s do this are you ready for this i’m super i’m super nervous it’s like a intense feeling but i love it it’s cool so you haven’t seen it yet i haven’t seen it either so we’re going to be surprised together right here is a car lift which is freaking epic i’ve never had a car revealed by lyft before this is going to be awesome first i want to know are you are you getting nauseous are you nervous about anything in particular are you no i worried about the outcome of the color you chose because the color you chose is kind of crazy i’m confident in everything uh the body kit is absolutely incredible uh the color is sick and the people that are making this possible are the best so there’s no worries on my online yeah no worries okay so are you ready because you have to be driven around in this car every day well windows are blacked out so yeah oh my god can you see it already i can’t see it oh you’re cool i’m nervous why am i yeah oh my god i want to turn around this is the biggest build up look at his face just looking at jp’s face i know they’re basically like this oh my god wow wow that is like crazy dude this is yellow this is really really exciting but this is exactly it this is amazing look at the carbon fiber hood worth it and look at all the details oh my god oh yeah i want to see this side i want to see this we saw we still haven’t seen this oh my god look at the rims on the back of it wow oh my god wow well done guys well done it looks great oh but he hasn’t seen what’s happening on the back yet i’m gonna get a full idea of what it’s like when we see it from the side wow oh my god wow this is crazy look at all these other cars they’re working i know wow the rings are amazing look at this man it’s so funny it’s insane oh yeah you have the larger rim so so larte gave us 23 inch rims and the tires are so bad [Laughter] [Laughter] dude but you should have put this on the passenger seat where you’re sitting but do you actually know you can save here now i think it’s cute i think it’s like it it’s like a cute i just don’t know about it it’s possible it’s possible but i don’t know sorry let’s remove it come on oh my god but i was like if she actually made it permanent then i can’t make her look bad on camera i knew it i knew it i was like he’s trying to be nice and it’s just not it’s not working ah okay yes make it happen oh my god wow this looks incredible this is cool easy so yeah so as you can see design basically it’s a it’s an entire carbon fiber set uh they asked me whether i wanted matte carbon fiber or glossy i chose glossy uh but my favorite part of the entire car is definitely the back because of the vertical exhaust yeah uh and then here you have this little uh formula one style brake light oh that’s good so yeah i slam on the brakes these little guys will turn around as well cool i think this looks 10 billion times sicker than that without the kid oh yeah yeah of course no honestly the x6 has literally gone up about a thousand notches with this body absolutely this is so good yeah yeah from this angle and i love that i you can tell that it’s uh a paint it’s not a wrap because like for example look look at this cool look at this look how seamless it is it goes all the way in the door door panel and it’s just like it just looks like a painting yeah like it makes such a difference it’s absolutely incredible wow so yeah so it fits all the people that like this carbon fiber the sides are carbon fiber yeah uh oh this is good too that’s cool so how how long did this take to install not too much around less than one minute they flew from russia yes that is crazy someone flew from russia to help install this that’s why you know like you know they did a they did a solid job together wow larte has body kits for mercedes for maseratis they have them for so many different cars cool uh bmws obviously as you can see uh i could not yeah so does it change it changes the sound yet you think oh my god let’s do it all right yeah yeah that’s definitely much lower yeah that is sick say oh okay i actually love it is a massive upgrade yeah absolutely it’s a completely different thing now it’s like it’s this adds like so much like you know before it just had this little piece before it was 4.3 seconds you’re at 100 now it’s like two seconds yeah yeah yeah nice i love the brake calipers yeah it’s it’s literally perfect massive thank you to so many people involved absolutely so go ahead sergi yeah you’re the one driving this baby out so thank you first to uh dimitri and we had cardiff of course going saeed and then huge thank you as well to of course uh larted huge thank you to lartey they uh yeah brought us this insane body kit which makes this car look like uh an entirely different thing i mean this is this compared to what we saw when we first unveiled it yeah i’m surprised it’s like yeah night day yeah thank you guys so much thank you guys you are the best honestly you’re the best in the business guys if you ever want to get anything done to your car i mean just look at the kind of cars they have here these are the best of the best cars in the uae and they all come to cardiff because these guys are the best i trust them with every car that i buy they’ve got every car under the sun here to do like the perfect makeovers on them interior and exterior everything they come to you with ideas you can come to them with ideas you guys can chat about it go into the upholstery room upstairs get everything sorted i mean it is such a great experience and they’re such nice people so i think that’s it for now and a massive congrats to you for your amazing new car i can’t even believe it it still looks like uh it’s kind of blinding honestly it’s really quiet hi i’m sergey don’t look at me look at me don’t let me look at me i got the windows up i’m good all right guys i think we’re out i hope you enjoyed the vid like the vid subscribe to the supercarlindy channel and uh we’ll see you guys on the next vid somewhere else in the world what do you guys think matching huh matching chomper with the same color look at this carbon fiber

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