Review & Crash Testing New Electric Mercedes S-Class | EQS

Review & Crash Testing New Electric Mercedes S-Class | EQS


Sergi from @Car Wars tested the new fully electric Mercedes EQS in Switzerland and Germany for it’s advanced collision and self driving capabilities.

foreign what do you guys think huh ah we’re in switzerland uh what’s that do you thinking that’s pretty much it they’re speechless what’s up guys welcome to the supercar blinding channel i am sergi you might see me from car wars gonna plug it in pop pop pop today we have a super crazy car look at this oh yeah this is the future this is the mercedes eqs as you can see right there throw in a little bit of a 360 camera movement this is the electric version of the s-class got to keep my eye out for these guys i think they want to be in the video if you guys uh come in closer i can tag you guys in the uh instagram and all that you know oh my god they call me the little the cow whisperer holy cow anyway so this is the uh electric s-class and uh basically we’re going to take you okay you know what i’m not gonna lie i feel a little bit intimidated you know at any moment i get hit in the back with a cow so uh let’s teleport somewhere a bit more peaceful ready all right running over the car look at the door handles they pop out now if i stand here that is amazing now when you walk inside right how do you close the door you press the brake pedal you go right so this interestingly enough is for your windshield wiper so you just pour some uh some water into there i kind of missed but there you go because the hood doesn’t open the only thing that you need to worry about is your windshield wiper next observation is that this car is super round now that’s not done by mistake there’s all kinds of science behind this this is the most aerodynamic production car in the world this car being electric has a range of 780 kilometers having less friction on the road means that you can travel further distances on the same battery on the rims you’ll see that you have these uh this little kind of unique kind of rim inside the rim that is also for the sake of aerodynamics it just prevents the wind from getting inside the wheel causing more friction there’s two separate models there’s the 450 and the 580. this one is the four wheel drive more powerful version at about 515 horsepower over here you have these super like squiggly kind of tail lights goes all the way across the back right below it there it is just press that little button like that the boot comes open and i have to say that this is a lot of space for a sedan a lot of space and i’ll give you guys a real example hopefully this you never see this in real life you add a couple of pillows and you can probably camp around here to be honest there’s a lot of space pretty good right this is where you charge the car obviously i have to show you that it comes with little light bulbs as well on the side so you see what you’re charging right this is the front obviously you have this black panel unit this is actually an optional extra my favorite part of the front is the fact that the headlight actually goes all the way across the front looks super futuristic and super modern well you also have you can see digital light so this actually projects different little symbols warning symbols onto the road to give you a little bit of a warning a little bit of a projected experience i think that’s actually super cool right let’s go inside so the first thing you’ll see is this huge hyper screen right this goes from side to side it’s actually three different monitors this is the largest panel in the car industry it’s 1.4 meters from here all the way to there and on each side you have these little fans which when you touch them they’re super soft but super sturdy the start stop is over here and everything comes to life right so this is the hyper screen what’s super cool is that the passenger can actually control just about anything except for the actual like drive modes they can adjust the radio or even the navigation right when they’re trying to help you out they can adjust the route so you don’t you no longer have to worry about that in the middle you have this super elegant kind of wooden panel you push that and you have wireless charging where to put your keys some cup holders you have even more space in between here that’s where we keep the gun the gum over here you have the vehicle button if i press it you can press comfort doors and now what you have is the ability to open every single door in the car back there that is i mean that that is an unnecessarily strong flex that is that’s sick so all the doors are open right i mean that’s cool but can you close them of course look at this all right take a look at the steering wheel so super nice steering wheel right you have a ton of different touch control features volume right there and you can adjust the dash right there you just go to home and you can swap into different kinds of uh looks whatever you like the most this is all ambient lighting which i’ll show you guys in a second as well and you can just swipe like this and that happens you can just swipe it back you’re actually going to be able to adjust this as well uh with motion gestures just this model does not have that now speaking of sensors this car actually has 350 sensors in this door you have a ton of different sensors so when you do open the door automatically and make sure there’s nothing in the way so you don’t bang your head or bang someone else’s head accidentally when opening the door now speaking of all kinds of sensors and technology if i press this button right here i just click that you get an invisible force field that’s actually your air quality it’s a force field against bacteria outside this actually has a hepa filter which filters 99 of bacteria in the air a little bit more than 99 actually and what you end up getting is super high quality air let’s go to the final part of the car which is the back because this is an s-class a lot of people will spend most of their time back here right i get the feeling that it’s slightly smaller than the s-class i may or may not be wrong though you have heated and cooled seats but check out like the stitching how cool it is you also get the super comfy little pillows surround sound little speakers in the back you can adjust your lighting you get different lights everywhere see that comes to life like that i think that’s super cool when you close the door you can adjust your seats point forward you can adjust your headrest like that the seat in the middle also comes down just pull that like this and normally you get a little monitor in here that clicks out and you can control the rest of the of your monitors uh as well right over here you press this a little bit more space maybe put a phone in there and that’s the back let’s take it for a spin look at these little microscopic potato chips that’s amazing so what’s going on now yeah right so this is like this you know yeah this is the after party yeah you know when you when you hang out with uh oh my god that’s really high up if this thing falls this is our final meal right but you know you go out and style because uh we’re we’re getting pretty high up and i i didn’t know we were getting ourselves into this to be honest wow cheers she is this is not alcoholic by the way yeah yeah do you see that guy’s horn yeah that’s lovely what do you see what is that look at the size of that thing it’s like 10 feet long a what outport an alport i’m speechless but uh hey look overall amazing experience and we’re rounding it up with some dudes playing a very long trumpet right so we’re in germany right now we just drove here and uh we’re gonna be testing out the sensors radars and and safety features of uh basically collision prevention right now we have we have a dummy car over there we have a guy and a bicycle we’re gonna go around uh this little track and see just how well these uh sensors work i have no idea what to expect but yeah it’s all about not crashing hopefully exactly yeah let’s go let’s do it yeah let’s do it okay oh my lord so that was a close call so what i’m telling you what’s behind us there’s a guy behind us yeah and now it was not necessary to break because there was no collision happening yes if the car would have braked the guy behind us would have stuck into our trunk okay and therefore the vehicle detects okay there is no collision appearing then i don’t have to break so it calculated that he would make it yes uh what if the kid would have hit the brakes yes we will detect it and then break also oh my lord wow that’s a that’s like uh faster than a human brain we have green light so it’s my right to drive on and now you saw he hit the brakes yeah therefore no collision so the car recognized that he was braking yes and therefore not necessary to brake the last situations were very good i think there he is so maybe this time oh my god okay wow how fast are we going 50 wow wow i mean that was close oh my god he’s just casually he keeps going yes he has no idea the danger he’s in he’s just strolling along like does this guy have any idea what’s going on with this kid in this situation it would have crashed if the car would not have break yeah i mean it was it was pretty last last second too i mean nice animals yeah deer deer and so on and here oh here we go there is there is something okay so what you have seen although we were in a turn or in a curve and we detected okay there is something on our lane and we also had no possibility to go around it because there was something oncoming traffic oh yeah and therefore the vehicle said okay um better brake than crash but without that car it would have swerved to the left no it’s not possible currently because we are not allowed to leave our lane okay and due to the fact that we have a marked lane here we are not allowed but we have also this function for example um if we can stay in our lane and also we have a driver initiation that he wants to turn around we support him to turn around the target okay okay okay i see we have a good car here which has some power so we can accelerate to oh boy so now we’re driving 90 roundabouts i remember that he stopped before so hopefully he will stop now oh my god okay he nuts that our car is pretty good so last minute it’s hard to believe that it’s actually gonna break in time i have a warning here but also the ambient light gets the warning and makes a red blinking yeah so that i am if i cannot hear anything and not see anything in front so i can see also here cause when i look on the map or something like that then it’s more optical here it’s better all right so we have a massive wall coming up so we’re entering level three of autonomous driving where you rely less on the driver and more on the vehicle so if something goes wrong on level three it’s the vehicle’s fault not the driver exactly yeah exactly so you know so uh we’re gonna see what’s what uh what that even means did you see it was um was a yellow light yeah so a white light that means i could activate no it’s blue it means here now level three we’re now entering we’re now one level we could do um now browsing we could play some games or whatever we like okay so you have to oh you have tetris you have tattoos therefore this we can also play that with i don’t know so you can do now yeah let’s do it a lot of different stuff it’s got and it’s legal to be able to play this game here so we can just oh i don’t even know how i’m playing so now it’s my turn yeah i see i see and we’re in no danger at all right now yeah so yeah we’re in the traffic jam so the car knows what cars around us but does it read your eyes like for you do you have to touch the steering wheel every now and then i don’t need to touch the steering wheel since we are in the level three now this is indicated here as mentioned here that means now i don’t need to touch the steering wheel for how long forever forever until the car asked me to take over again do you have to sit in a driver’s seat you are for example also not allowed to sleep so that he has a camera monitoring your eyes yes so if you are i don’t start to sleep the car will mention um please don’t sleep you need to drive you need to be able to take over the driving task if i ask you to do so all right that’s it what do you guys think of the new eqs if you’re not subscribed already make sure you subscribe to supercar blondie and you might as well subscribe to car wars just saying see you guys next time you

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