Revived Hummer will receive three electric motors

Revived Hummer will receive three electric motors


For pickup truck will offer several equipment packages.

Electric car GMC Hummer EV, announced a week ago, will be available in several versions differing in performance and cruising range on a single charge. In particular, the top variant will provide three-engine power plant. About this General Motors has announced in the report for the fourth quarter of last year.

GM President mark Reuss said that GMC Hummer EV will be available as a basic version and a special version for customers who want better off-road and towing capabilities. Alas, no details of the top Manager did not disclose.


Earlier, the group said that the power of the GMC Hummer EV 1,000 HP and acceleration to 97 km/h (60 mph) takes just 3 seconds, which is comparable with the dynamics of supercars. Most likely meant just the version with three electric motors. Judging by the electric vehicles from other manufacturers, we can assume that one unit will rotate the front axle and two rear, with the possibility of distribution of traction between the wheels.

At the GM position revived Hummer like a truck with high probability we are talking about the truck. On the conveyor it will fall in the end of 2021 – almost simultaneously with the pick-up Tesla Cybertruck, which will also be versions with one, two and three electric motors. Two other potential competitor – Rivian R1T Lordstown and Endurance – and did get four electric motors – one per wheel.

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