Revolutionary Israeli start-REE, has created a real transformer

Revolutionary Israeli start-REE, has created a real transformer


Israeli company REE announced the launch of a number of joint projects with such giants of automotive industry like Mitsubishi, Musashi, Linamar, Tenneco and NXP. Already by 2023 you may receive a number of models of a new type of transport, based on a prototype developed in REE.

It’s not an electric car, and not even a car in the conventional sense, and a versatile design that can quickly and easily turn into anything.

As they say in the most REE, they have nothing to do with the automotive industry, and therefore was free from the prejudices and traditions. Israeli engineers threw all the Central nodes of the structure of the vehicle, leaving just an empty platform with wheels. In them the whole secret – each wheel has a steering mechanism, suspension, transmission, brakes and cooling in an ultra-compact modular unit.

There is a minimum of mechanics, but a lot of electronics, the system is designed to take the energy and control commands from any source. You can put the usual steering wheel for a human driver or plant instead of a robot to mount the engine or attach the rod to AC power, to transfer control of the machine via wireless “smart city” and to put replaceable batteries etc.


All the components of the wheel is made in a modular scheme, so if you need a few minutes to transform the electric car into any type of transport.

The default is “cart”, which speeds up to 98 km/h and has a load capacity up to 10 tons. But if you set an all-wheel drive and powerful motor, get a SUV, add the fairings and a new transmission – here’s sports car.

The body may be cargo, passenger, platform, under service equipment, the final list depends on the business objectives. It is profitable for the producers – instead of the costly development of one or two new models per year, they create a cheap universal construct, to which then you can sell what you want, and any additional equipment on all occasions.

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