Richard Hammond restored the classic 60-year-old Jaguar.

Richard Hammond restored the classic 60-year-old Jaguar.


DriveTribe YouTube channel posted a video in which the former host of the popular Top Gear car show Richard Hammond showed a restored Jaguar XK150. In the process of restoration, the showman, with the help of specialists from a classic car repair shop, returned the rare sports car to its original condition, and also partially redesigned the exterior, interior trim and technical units of the British coupe.

The Jaguar XK150 rolled off the assembly line from 1957 to 1961. British sports cars were produced in roadster, coupe and convertible bodies. The collection of the former Top Gear presenter turned out to be a red two-door coupe, which has lost its former grandeur over the years. The paintwork of the car was gone in places, and the interior and the state of the technical elements left much to be desired.

Back in June, the TV presenter was engaged in the restoration of the model together with specialists from the classic car repair shop. In the course of work, the British sports car was repainted in the original Dove Gray color, and leather straps were installed on the hood and trunk of the model and the radiator grille was replaced. In addition, at the initiative of Richard Hammond, specialists have dismantled the front and rear bumpers to give the car a sportier appearance. The salon was finished with red genuine leather.

Under the hood of the Jaguar XK150, there is a factory 3.4-liter gasoline engine, the output of which is 180 horsepower. But the standard transmission of the sports car was replaced with a modern gearbox. The coupe accelerates to “hundreds” in seven seconds. The maximum speed is 220 kilometers per hour. According to Richard Hammond, a few more minor improvements await the rare car, after which the project will be completed.

At the end of July, Richard Hammond put up for auction his own collection of cars and motorcycles. With the proceeds, the former Top Gear presenter planned to open a classic vehicle restoration workshop.

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